The Golden Hour | Lil Update

I was on my way home from grocery shopping earlier, and the sun was particularly glaring to my eyes while I was sitting inside the car. Here's the moment I realize that I've never come home from work before it turned dark and if I ever catch a glimpse of the golden hour - it probably when we're on the way rushing to the gym on every Wednesday. *lol

ps. yes, I literally went to the rooftop to catch the golden hour.

Here's some lil update from yours truly...

If you are following me on my Instagram, you would've known about my whole pet allergy thing - yes, I'm allergy to pet (anything with fur) and I own two dogs. I only found out about this condition of mine last year after almost 3 months sick and 1-month visit with a specialist. Long story short, my nose now not only allergy to dust (which is common with everyone out there) but also to fur and smoke. It caused postnasal drip, all the mucus dripping from my nose to my throat, all the phlegm build up causing me have shortness of breathing and at one point, I really feel very, very difficult to breathe. The only way to "cure" it is basically to get rid of my dogs, which is something really impossible for me. Fortunately, my specialist told me there's a way - do a sinus rinse twice a day just to clean and clear up my nose and try not to stick with my dogs all day long. I'm not gonna lie that I was really sad at that time, but you know, it's something I can do while still having my dogs with me.

Things have been okay until last December where I had to clear most of my leaves and basically I just stay at home for almost a month long. This is when things getting worse and I couldn't breathe for some nights, this whole thing freaked me out. Also, knowing shortness of breath is one of the main covid19 symptoms, I just got to check with my doctor. And this literally deja vu to me, it's all over postnasal drip due to pet allergy issue again. *sigh

 Unfortunately, this time sinus rinse is no longer sufficient to keep it clear. I had to take on several medications and nebulizer just like asthma patient out there. Those days when I don't go near my dogs or having anyone smoking/vaping around me, I can breathe like normal. At this point of time, I had to get nebulizer every morning at my doctor's clinic just so it can clear up that stubborn phlegm that stuck in my throat.

On the other note, I'm very, very upset knowing about the fact that I won't be able to go back KK for the upcoming Chinese New Year. It's officially one year I'm not home with my family and this homesick feeling is real. Some day, I cried myself out and prayed so hard just so I can go home and stay with my family. There are some days I wish I can just be selfish and fly home. Though I think at some point this year, I foresee myself to make such a selfish decision. Of course, I'm also very thankful for the close friends I've in KL, they made all the festive seasons so much bearable. 

That's basically two major things that I've to deal with currently and I'm hoping for better days for each of us, so looking forward to the day when we can travel without worries again. 

Hope everyone staying safe wherever you are and I shall try to update here more soon. x


  1. Hopefully your sinus problem can be resolved. It happened to my wife too.

    Yeah! We all yearn to celebrate Chinese New Year again right? But then again...that seems pretty...doubtful...but fingers crossed.

    1. sobss, i wish i am just having sinus problem, but it's mainly because of pet allergy. T_T Yea i've kinda accepted the fact that there's no CNY celebration this year too. :<

    2. Hopefully your allergy can be resolved ASAP.

      But hopefully there is still this slim chance that we could still celebrate CNY with our own close family.

  2. I wish that you feel better now. Thankfully I don't have any pet allergy otherwise I won't be able to go near my three cats :( Lai we all berhappy CNY in KL. UHUHUHU

    1. haha yea it's gonna be my very first time celebrate CNY in KL without my fam T_T pet allergy really sux big time, ur cat so lucky!!

  3. maybe wear a mask? i only discovered i was allergic to dogs when i got a pet pom and kept her in my room C; thankfully my allergies aren't so bad, mainly just itchy eyes and sinuses. my deepest sympathies though, life just isn't fair.