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There's a difference between having dry skin or dehydrated skin.
As for me, I have combination skin - acne-prone and dehydrated - at certain areas of my skin. It can be really frustrating sometimes. And staying up late and not getting enough sleep definitely tires the skin and it becomes more dehydrated, losing it radiant, etc.

Since I still can't find time to go for my long overdue facial treatment, I thought a quick fix for my dehydrated skin would be facial mask at home! I always make sure I apply mask at least once a week depending on my skin condition. If you came to my house before and opened the fridge, you would know I have tonnes of mask sheets and mask packs kept in there.

Well, tonight is one of those nights where I would apply either mask sheet or mask pack before going to bed. I normally prep my skin before applying the mask to ensure it can penetrate better into my skin.

I personally think that it's better to exfoliate your skin before applying any sheet mask, especially if it is in essence form. I love using this Cure exfoliating gel for the gentlest skin exfoliation. It removes dead skin and leaving skin smooth after rinse.

Neutrogena has recently launched its latest Capsule Sleeping Mask and Hydrogel Mask. They come in two different variants - Fine Fairness (brightening) and Hydro Boost (hydrating) -  packed in the mini pod and sheet pack that ready for everyday use at anytime anywhere.

I always prefer hydrogel mask over paper sheet mask not only for the texture but also for the better adherence on the skin and how it fits nicely on my face. It has 50% more essence compares to normal paper mask. Also, as it's in gel form, it also means loosing less from evaporation!

Fun fact: One mask equals to one bottle of hydrating serum in 15-minute.

The new Neutrogena Hydrogel mask features cooling technology 100% made from active serum and you get to experience the instant cooling effect which good for pores too! I usually leave it on my skin for 15-20 minutes and just remove it before heading to bed.

Unlike paper mask, there's no essence residue on my skin as all the essence penetrated and absorbed perfectly into my skin. I really love how it hydrates my skin and making it supple instantly after just one-time usage. I am so looking forward trying out the capsule sleeping mask version of this Hydra Boost mask soon!

Neutrogena Hydrogel Mask available at Guardian for RM13.90/pc. 
Neutrogena Capsule Sleeping Mask available at Watsons for RM12.90/pc.

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  1. Wow! The mask looks great! I have never tried any mask from Neutrogena, it looks good with two pieces! Thank you for the review!!