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T-shirt - is that one clothing item that can be found in everyone's wardrobe. 
It's just a simple outfit yet super versatile, you can choose to dress it down or up, or even for a semi-casual working meeting appointment. I just got this super cute T-shirt from Baker Street and I thought I can share with you how I love to wear this T-shirt, in three different styles, for different occasions.

If you haven't heard of British Fashion Baker Street, it was established in London, named after an underground station aka Baker Street Station. It was formed and designed by a group of Alpaca-fascinated artists. Gradually, they established their own style and unique taste in fashion. Every design is authentic and hand-drawn, which is then printed on with great details and craftsmanship; and uses European eco-friendly ink.

For the weekend brunch date. This is probably everyone's (including the celebrities!) favorite way to wear their t-shirt - by pairing your favorite T-shirt with your favorite short jeans or ripped jeans, together with your favorite pair of sandal, loafer or sneakers. It's comfortable and you're looking stylish too!

For the girl's day out kind of day. You do not necessarily to dress in a skater dress in order to look girly for your girl's day out. All you need is to grab a skater dress or a pinafore dress, pairing it with your favorite pastel shoes! Off you go and enjoy your fun girl's day out shopping and watching a movie together with your girlfriends!

For the semi-casual work meeting appointment. Have an early work meeting appointment? You no longer have to worry about spending so much time to dress up in a collared shirt with a boring looking slacks pants or pencil skirts for that meeting. Get your favorite T-shirt and pair it with your favorite denim jeans or even a culotte pants, together with a blazer or vest for a formal touch to your outfit. Of course, wearing a pair of heels or oxford shoes will definitely make you looking more formal and stylish too!

Well, that's basically the three of my favorite ways to style my new Baker Street T-shirt!
And oh, do not forget to check out the entire Baker Street collection at www.bakerstreet.uk (yes, they have quite an extensive range not only in their clothing line but also accessories!)

Now you can purchase your very first authentic alpaca t-shirt from www.bakerstreet.uk :D

Baker Street 服飾 英國品牌 baker street 英國 baker street

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