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Having such sensitive and acne-prone combination skin type, I dare not try any skincare that promises skin whitening and skin brightening effect. The reason simply I've tried a few of them and they did nothing good but broke my skin out big time. I figured that my skin sensitive to certain ingredients in the products. I will always stick to skincare products with mostly natural ingredients and the best would be all natural ingredients.

And, this is also the main reason I dare to try out this new skincare range from The Face Shop - Yehwadam Revitalizing Anti-Aging Line - and I would like to share how it affect my skin too! Well, considering myself at the somewhat late 20s now, I am only going to apply skincare that contains anti-aging properties in it. In case you are wondering, the meaning of Yehwadam in Korean is Yeh (Herbs & Plants); Wa (Flower); Dam (Story); which also the representative of Korean traditional herb line.

I will be very honest with you that this is really my first time finally giving a try to skincare products with whitening and brightening properties in it. If you are having a similar skin type like mine, you should probably start with just one or two products from the range. For myself, I only have two products from the line (which also happened to be their star products!) - Yehwadam Revitalizing Serum and Yehwadam Snow Lotus Pearl Capsule Cream.

Revitalizing Serum

If you ever enter my beauty room, you would only see all the anti-blemishes or to reduce pimple scar type of serums on my vanity table. I am so happy to finally have something different than those and that really works on my skin. If I have to be really honest - I was first kinda reluctant to apply this on my face as it actually has a glue-like texture, this type of product normally leaves stickiness on my skin and it somehow will break my skin. Surprisingly, the Yehwadam Revitalizing Serum leaves a really smooth finish without any sticky residue on my skin!

It has high nutrition concentrate that helps to revitalize and re-energize skin. With the added ingredients - lotus flower extract (soothes the skin and provides an anti-aging effect by re-energizing the skin) and honeysuckle flower extract (removes puffy and skin redness with its cool property).

I've been really enjoying this product and been using them for my day and night skin care regimen.

It is priced at RM208.90.
Available at both e-store and the store.

Snow Lotus Pearl Capsule Cream

Let's just admit that this skincare product has such an interesting concept. Instead of in the usual liquid form, they are packed in pearl capsule form. They are made into a capsule in order to minimize the amount of time in contact with air so that it does not oxidize or contaminate with dust allowing freshly kept ingredients directly absorbs to the skin.

Combining traditional beauty in the skincare, the capsule type unique oriental herbal formula also gives the image of oriental medicine pills differentiates it from Western cosmetics. In the form of brightening tone-up pearl capsule cream that contains glowing white pearls and rare snow lotus ingredients, it hydrates the skin with added anti-aging property and brightening effect.

How To?

Pick up 1-3 pearl capsules together with the gel-like texture liquid, gently crush them with your finger and mix them evenly until you achieve the cream form.

If you are someone who is not keen on products with scent, you will need to get used to the peach and neroli rose scent in this product. After used it for a week, I don't find the scent is overpowering compared to when I first opened it. Fret not, the scent comes from its natural ingredients and not chemical, hence it won't cause any breakout to your skin.

With Snow Lotus as its main ingredient, it is well known for its brightening and anti-aging effects that make this product a dual functional product. Just so you know that snow lotus is considered luxurious/mystic/rare/famous ingredient in Asia. It is a very rare herbal ingredient that is known as "the emperor's herb".

Surprisingly, I only had one spot after my first use of this product, which is normal as you change up your skincare product. It's gone after the first week and there's no more breakup whilst using this product every day. I love how it gives the instant brightening effect and luminosity to the skin. It also has fine collagen particles and adenosine ingredients that meticulously absorb into the skin and help smoothen the fine lines and skin texture. I can't wait to check out the rest of the product in this range!

Did I mention that you can also mix the pearl mixture with your foundation to achieve dewy looking skin? I would mix it with my CC cream when I don't feel like applying the foundation on my face yet still want to have that somewhat flawless skin look.

It is priced at RM257.90 (50g).

You can check all the products at The Face Shop selected outlets and e-store!

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