"Nothing changes if nothing changes."

February was an exciting and pretty much challenging month for me.

I am trying to adapt to the changes where I have a bigger responsibility for work; and at the same time how this changes affected my daily routine compared to when I am able to work from home and manage my own timing as to how I wish. 

Please don't get me wrong. 
It's a good change and something I've been looking forward to.

Two things, though - I am no longer working from home and instead of working with an all-male team, it's all-girls team now! :p
(Perhaps at some point, I will be sharing how is it feel like working with all-female colleagues?)

If you ask me, I honestly still not sure if this is the right change but I definitely looking forward to many exciting challenges and opportunities ahead.

I never plan to abandon my blog and in fact, I have so many things to share in this little space of mine. I can't wait to share with you about my recent trip to Osaka and Kyoto; my favorite beauty products; my favorite foods; and much more!

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