Staying Warm with Winter Trends

Some of us are battling the rain this time of the year, while others are bundling up for the frigid temperatures. In Malaysia, you might be more suited with a poncho and a pair of rain boots, but if you're lucky enough to travel this time of the year, you'll need a leg up on the latest winter styles.

Here are a few trending cold weather looks.

The Teddy Bear Coat
According to an article from ELLE, the teddy bear coat actually entered the fashion scene back in 2014, but for whatever reason, it struggled to catch on. However, it's become a favourite among celebrities and non-celebrities alike this year. And why wouldn't it be? These furry, oversized coats literallt get their name because they look and feel like the fur of a teddy bear. Who out there wouldn't want to feel the warm comforting hug of a giant teddy bear throughout the day?

Better still, there aren't a whole lot of requirements for completing a teddy bear coat ensemble. These big coats make a statement all on their own, so wear it over any shirt and pair it with some jeans or slacks, and you're good to go.

Chunky Knits
Knits are a classic style for the cold, and this season is no different. A chunky knit sweater or top can keep you warm and cosy no matter how bitter the cold might be. Traditionally they're created with a relaxed fit in mind, something along the lines of a tunic, but that doesn't mean that you have to go with a heavy piece.

You can still sport the knit look even if it's warmer out, with a minor adjustment in the style and fabric density. You can find plenty of ideas on how to do this among the collection of designer tops from Lyst. Alexander McQueen has a few knits in off-the-shoulder styles, Ming Wang has the look in a tank top, and Egrey has a sleeveless piece. They're not your typical tunic or sweater, but they're still just as fashionable for this time of the year over denim or shorts.

Black Lipstick
Black lipstick is the holiday's hottest lip colour according to Allure. The search for black shade is up 33%, and it's clear why. The look is bold, daring, and gives an understated tone of subversiveness to any outfit.

This is another look you can wear even if you are battling the heat. The stark black colour pairs great with the warm furs and knits come with the cold winter looks. This is because the softened fabrics tend to balance out the harsh black tone but it also looks just as stunning paired with darker shades. Grab a knit top like one of the ones previously suggested in a dark tone of black or grey and you can easily pull off an edgy, posh style.

Winter is a fashion adventure all it's own, and it's always fun to see the looks of the other parts of the world, even if you don't get a chance to wear them yourself.

Now if only umbrella counted as stylish new accessory!

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