5 Things I've Learned From My Birthday Trip With BFF

For those who are friend with me on Facebook, you would have realised that my cover photo is always the three of us - Me, Noel and GarYee. Long story short, we were all in the same team 5 years back and that's how our friendship started then.

My birthday gift from them last year - a 4D3N trip to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

We got super excited knowing that would be our very first time travelling together. At the same time, we're quite worried because we all know we are really quite different from each other in term of personalities. See, there's also some pros and cons even when you know each other too well too!

When you think you knew everything about your BFF but actually not really.

We do meet up often with each other in KL especially last year, we put in extra effort to make time for dinner instead of just meeting each other during special birthday and festive celebrations. However, I guess it wasn't that often enough to finally know how much GarYee loves her sleep (she would take every single chance just to lay herself down on bed and close her eyes whenever she could on the trip, especially with the two of us who always takes forever to get ready.); Noel do really love party (he partied every single night when we're in HCMC and only come back to our Airbnb place the next morning.), and they only realised how much I can eat every day! It kinda freaked them out when I complained hungry every 2-3 hours especially right after a heavy meal.

Noel and I are on the same page when it comes to posing for the camera.

When it comes to Instagram, both Noel and I take seriously on how we want the photo looks like and we want to make it look like as natural as it can be (though we know it takes so much effort trying to pretend just so it look candid and natural) for our Instagram photos. We are no models but the both of us quickly get it and still know a little knowledge to pose for the camera. 

GarYee on the other hand, she is so used to group photo and wefie kind of photo taking. When we said let's take the so-called #BFF kinda photo - look at each other and pretend we are talking about something really funny - she basically said it to us - WHY SO FAKE?! WHY NEED TO POSE LIKE THIS?! with tonnes of facepalms on the trip too! Of course, we knew she's just not used to it and just joking! Most importantly, she gets the gist and posed along with us after the first two days too! And I bet she has learned a thing or two on how to pose naturally for the camera too! LOL!

We have totally different definition of a nicely taken photo.

Another photo taking issue.
This seriously one of the "most argued" matter during the topic. 
Each of us claimed that we are the better in taking photos to each other which end up each of us had to take the same angle for God-knows-how-many-time! Of course, I will still insist that I am better in taking picture of them just by looking at the photos above. The last photo of Noel and GarYee look the best compared to the rest! And because of this "issue", we laughed a lot looking back at those REALLY UGLY CANDID photos during the trip too!

One thing for sure, Noel seriously not good at taking our photos! LOL!

We can still do matching #OOTD even when we're on a trip!

We have been always set a theme whenever we are going to meet up but this would be the first time we actually set an outfit-of-the-day theme for travel. Mind you, we didn't plan it beforehand when we packing our luggage, hence it's a little bit unexpectedly planned!

We realised how much we are feeling comfortable and open to each other.

I always know I can talk about everything with the two of them because we basically talk about everything whenever we get the chance to meet up. We definitely bonded closer during this trip especially when we get to talk out everything when we're in the room or even when we're having our meals outside. It's always fun and nice to be able to get to know them better.

I know I can always count on them when I am far away from my family. If I have to describe them, Garyee gonna be the mum and Noel is the dad. GarYee would always be the one who wakes us up and made sure we are in good health. She even made Vitamin C drink for us every morning during the trip too! For Noel, as much as he loves to party and to the point we both called him a party animal, he still made sure that we are home safely every night before he off to the party. 

For that, I am grateful to have them in my life.

Thank you for the birthday trip and I love you both long time! 
Looking forward to the next trip!

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