15 Things You Need To Know About Umgawa Zipline Eco Tour in Langkawi

I recently got back from an impromptu and amazing trip to Langkawi. It was quite an emotional one for me as I managed to cross off one of my resolution lists this year - to overcome my fear of height. I personally didn't expect that I could achieve it within the first month of 2017.

When I told my friend, Mynn that I want to do this, let's do this together! 
I knew she going to say yes because both of us have been wanted to try from the first moment we found out about it from our previous trip to Langkawi with Resorts World Langkawi last year.
And I guess it wouldn't happen without a little help from Mr Yap too!
(so, thank you Mr Yap! :D)

Well, without further ado, let me tell you what are the things you need to know about Umgawa Langkawi, especially if you have fear of height like me too!

1) It's easy to get there.

We're staying at Malibest Resort in Pantai Cenang and we basically just get a cab to Umgawa Legendary Adventures at Jalan Telaga Tujuh which also known for the 7 Wells Waterfall. The price should be fixed at RM35 per way, which is pretty reasonable as it's quite a distant away from Pantai Cenang. We didn't face any problem of getting taxi back from Umgawa to our hotel as few taxis available at there too!

If you choose to drive, there's plenty of parking available at there!

2) There's an actual meaning behind the word "Umgawa"!

Apparently, the word Umgawa was created for the Legendary Tarzan to call jungle wildlife to action.
This echoing call was used by Tarzan to put the jungle's eco-system on high alert., so that the core nature of the jungle would remain safe for everything living within it.

You might want to try yelling "umgawa!" while soaring through the rainforest!
ps. it's actually pretty fun!

3) There will be a few simple procedures needed before the tour.

Well, it's simple.
First, you will have to sign a waiver form. Then, they will actually check your weight before putting on the suitable harness on you. Just so you know that you have to be at least 5 years old and older as the minimum age and maximum weight would be 265lbs/120kilos to be qualified to join the tour. 

They will also prep you with the rules of the tour - telling you the do's and don'ts - what you should do when in different sort of situation - before heading up for the tour.

Also, unless you have shoulder strap for your camera, you are not allowed to bring it along with you for the tour. However, you can rent a Go-Pro there and they offer free pictures! Of course, your professional pictures of your adventure are available for purchase right after the tour too.

4) You can keep all your stuff and belongings in the locker provided. It's FREE!

5) There's a short hike to the course and 
out of the rainforest at the conclusion of the tour.

While you do not need to be in a super fit condition, you should be fit enough to climb up the stairs during the short hike to the course. I just realized how unfit I was as I climb up the stairs and I know I need to get back to my gym routine asap when I am back!

6) There will always have TWO Sky Safety Rangers/Guides 
for each tour group

Each Umgawa Zipline Eco-Canopy Tour has a maximum of 9 people in each group.
There will be two rangers - one will be right beside you to prepare you for the take off and another one at another side to catch you once you reach to the other side.

7) Safety is their #1 priority 
and they take it VERY, VERY SERIOUSLY.

When they said that your live is in their hand, they really mean it that way. Of course, you will have to follow and obey the rules if you wish to complete the entire tour. Also, they will be the one who do the clipping and unclipping for the entire tour. This way, you can fly without worriness and freely.

All of the rangers/guides are trained in wilderness and zipline safety and hold current certification in First Aid and C.P.R. Just so you know that all guides must go through an 8-week training program and pass rigorous exams before being certified. In addition, each ranger must do continuing education credits and are frequently tested on various safety and equipment topics too.

8) 2.5 hour tour for 12 ziplines, 
3 suspended sky bridges and an abseil

Yupes, that's right.
Honestly, I initially thought I just need to go through one long zipline and that's it.
Can you imagine my feeling when I actually found out it's a 2.5 hour long tour and I have to go through 12 ziplines, 3 suspended sky bridges and an abseil for the Umgawa Zipline Eco Tour?!

If you must know, the length for all the ziplines are varies and it's just getting longer and longer.
You will have to go through two longest one at 200 meter and more, and then rewarded with a spectacular view of the waterfall along the way.

9) The ranger will NEVER let you go and take off 
until you are fully ready to take off.

I must say I am super glad that our group was assigned with such amazing rangers. Both Hafiz and Adha not only make sure everyone is safe on the entire tour. They also being super patience with me and giving me encouragement to move forward instead of quitting.

The first zipline was okay and I thought I can handle it. The moment I landed on the second platform and seeing how far the distant from the second platform to the third platform, it totally freaked me out and my tears just flow down like waterfall. Hafiz calmed me down and telling me it's okay to cry as it helps on ease my fear a little and by asking me to close my eyes for the first few rounds helped a lot too.

And I was super duper glad that he never let me go until I am ready to take off because I can't imagine if he chose to push me off. I probably will hate him for life! LOL!

10) It's OKAY to cry. 

Because you know your friend and the rest of the team will be there for you! <3

11) You can choose to trust or not to trust your ranger/guide
when he said he has prepared a huge souvenir for you during the tour.

My heart beating super fast for the entire tour as the whole thing is unpredictable! I mean, yes, you know you are going to either fly or walk through the sky bridges, but you will never know the distant until you reach the platform. When Hafiz said "I have a very nice and huge souvenir for all of you, especially you Caroline!" and I got super happy and I thought we will all be rewarded with ice cream once we done with the tour.

The moment I reach the next platform and everyone telling me "maybe you shouldn't look at this side, yet." I didn't get it until both Hafiz and Adha start telling us we will be rewarded with a very spectacular view of the waterfalls when we flying through the 200m long zipline! It actually worst when they said I have to be the first one to fly for this round!

I can barely see both Adha and Ariff who actually at the other side already. It took me the longest to take off from this platform and they insisted that I MUST OPEN MY EYES TO ENJOY THE VIEW. I managed to open my eyes and I saw the entire view of the waterfall, it was so magnificent and I'm so glad I did it! It was very, very satisfying!

12) Do stop by at the second sky bridge to have a photo 
with the magnificent waterfalls!

Did I tell you the distant of the sky bridges also getting longer and longer as you go on with the tour? It is but this particular one allows you to have a nice photo with the waterfalls, so why not?

13) You can fly side by side with your BFF/partner 
at the Double Jeopardy aka Honeymoon zipline!

This is probably my second most favourite part of the entire zipline eco tour - honeymoon zipline! At here with the double zipline, you can fly side by side with your friend or partner. It's fun, sweet and romantic!

As for me, it's less scary too!

14) There's no bungee jump but an abseil at the end of the tour!

You have no idea how worried I was when Hafiz telling us that we will be doing the bungee jump to conclude the tour. I have never done that and will not be doing it any sooner. I'm not sure about everyone, but I definitely don't feel any better when I found out it's an abseil instead of bungee jump. It was so high up from the ground and God knows how long it took for me to finally get my butt off from the platform!

15) It's NOT just about ziplining but with education element in it.

I actually surprised with how much I learned about the flora and fauna in the rainforest through this tour. Both Hafiz and Adha are fully equipped with the knowledge of the rainforest and answered all our questions especially those out of curiousity. They actually did it in turn on every platform from telling us about the oldest tree in the rainforest; the different type of bee that staying in the tree; the different type of hornbills in the rainforest; the poisonous plant; the wild mango tree that grows in the rainforest; the tongkat ali herbs; the humongous leaves that people use to make hats and bags, and etc. 

It was overall fun, entertaining and educational! :D

I must say this is probably the most #YOLO thing I have ever done in my life and I'm super glad I did it! I wouldn't have done it without my friend, Mynn. Not to forget the entire Umgawa team, thank you for all the encouragement and for not asking me to quit. It's adventurous and I kinda like it!

For those who's currently in Langkawi or visiting Langkawi soon, do a favor for yourself and book a slot, you'll never regret such amazing experience with Umgawa Langkawi!

Click HERE to book the Zipline Eco Canopy Tour now! (USD110)

ps: ALL the images above credited to the official photographer of Umgawa Legendary Adventures.

Umgawa Legendary Adventures
7 Wells Waterfalls - Jalan Telaga Tujuh,
07100 Langkawi, Malaysia.
Opening hours: first slot at 8.30am and last slot at 3.30pm (daily)
Tel no: +604 - 950 2828 // +6013 - 343 8900
Email: info@umgawa.com
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