7 Years Together.

18.07.2017 marks the 7th year of us being together.

It's kinda crazy because the both of us seriously are the opposite of each other and this was exactly what I've written in the very first post talking about our relationship. But here we are, still together with each other.

#1 Thank you for always being super supportive and always be the bigger person in our relationship. 

#2 Thank you for your understanding whenever I said I'm busy.

#3 Thank you for respecting my me-time whenever I needed it.

#4 Thank you for always cooking late-night supper whenever I said I'm hungry after 12 midnight.

#5 Thank you for always be there for me especially when I needed someone the most.

#6 Thank you for all the Disneyland trips and getting me more Minnie Mouse stuff!

#7 Thank you for being patient with me whenever I turned into an emotional wreck person during the time of the month.

And that seven things about you that I'm really thankful for...

Happy anniversary, love.


  1. Awwwww, Happy 7th Anniversary you two <3 <3 <3

  2. Your post reminds me of the first time that I saw the two of you. :-)

    Happy Anniv. May the two of you have more happy times together.