Makoto Japanese Cuisine - Unagi Specialty Restaurant in Malaysia

If you are following me on Instagram and watches my Instagram stories, you would have seen all the snaps of live eels and how the experienced chef prepare the unadon from scratch. I remember that I did not geotag the location for the first few snaps and some of you were curious where is it? It probably the ONLY Japanese restaurant in Malaysia that imports LIVE eels all the way from Japan to ensure the freshness of all of its unagi-dish - MAKOTO JAPANESE CUISINE (formerly known as Hikari-ya) at Desa Dri Hartamas.

There are three different dining sections 
for the patrons to choose from 
in Makoto Japanese Cuisine.

The warm and cozy interior setting allow the guests to enjoy their food comfortably. If you would like to have an intimate session for the special celebration or private business meeting, simply call to book for the private room.

Now let's back to the main topic.
In Makoto, they imports live Japanese eels all the way from Tsukiji market in Japan in order for the guests to enjoy its utmost original taste and sweetness. The imported Japanese eels come in batches and weekly basis. You would be able to enjoy Unagi dish in few different ways according to the original Japan tradition.

There's no shortcut when it comes to serving authentic unagi dish in Makoto. Chef Hayashi would prepare the eels from scratch - the process of grilling, steaming, dipping into tare sauce - all required proper attention to details to ensure it's perfectly char-grilled before serving to the customers.

Apart from Unagi dishes, you would be able to enjoy other Japanese cuisines including the seasonal items available daily in the restaurant too!

Yamaudo Sumiso (RM10), a type of wild plant from the high mountain, topped with sumiso paste; Nama Junsai, fresh water shield or also known as water lily. The Yamaudo Sumiso is crisp and tasty, super refreshing! Both of these appetizers have a hint of sourish in it. These ingredients are seasonal but fret not, make sure you look at the whiteboard for the special seasonal dishes!

Daikon Angkake (RM10), this white radish dish is a little mushy to my liking, nevertheless, the overall taste is good. 

Fresh oyster with ponzu sauce (RM22/piece), the oyster imported all the way from Canada and it's really huge. You may eat it as it is with the ponzu sauce or add an extra squeeze of lemon to it.

I LOVE SASHIMI and I would definitely go for this sashimi platter (RM138) anytime! You might find surprises in each platter as the chef will be adding some of the fresh seasonal items into it too.

If you fancy tempura, you can order them based on your choice - be it prawn, kisu, hamo tamanegi, obha leaves - or simply order a platter! At here, you can enjoy it in its traditional way, to dip it into the sauce or salt. It was my first time eating tempura with salt, not bad at all.

Now, let's go into the unagi dish. Here's an interesting one - Hone Senbei (eel crackers). The eels bones deep fried to perfection, it's crunchy and addictive! I secretly wish I can have all the serving by own! :p

Unaju (small set - RM100), unagi cooked in the kabayaki style served with rice, pickles and clear soup. The large set of unaju served with whole unagi, rice, pickles and kimo liver clear soup. You can definitely taste its sweetness and delightful tender texture melts in your mouth. It was really satisfying. Want to try the difference between the live eels prepared fresh and pre-packed unagi? Come try it yourself! ;)

The unagi kabayaki style might be common to everyone, what about this unagi cooked in shirayaki style? This Unagi Shirayaki with shirayaki cooking method where the eel is seasoned with salt only allows you to try the genuine flavor of unagi. You may eat it plain or with wasabi or dip in the special sauce. Another Japanese favorite way to eat it - adding a little ground shanso pepper that has a hint of herbal flavor to it. 

For desserts, we had the matcha ice cream and warabimochi. The matcha ice cream is so creamy and rich in taste, totally yums! Now let's talk about this warabimochi. Again, it's also my first time trying out this traditional Japanese dessert and I'm pretty sure I've never really seen this in any other Japanese restaurant's menu. A mixture of mochi and mochi-jelly like texture topped with toasted soybean powder, drizzled with gula Melaka - super delish! This is definitely a must-order dessert in Makoto!

If you love all-things unagi or unagi enthusiast, you won't want to miss out this 1-night special unagi course dinner with the VIP Chef Otani all the way from Japan this coming 23rd September 2017! It is only by reservation, make your reservation quick before it's sold out!

54, Jalan 27/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur, WP Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel no: +6 03 - 6211 1409
Facebook: Makoto Japanese Cuisine | Instagram: @makoto.hartamas

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  1. This looks like real tasty to me as it is one of the best cuisine, moreover the images used in the post shows the real and exact view of this place.