3 Favourite Brunch Spots

I rarely drag myself out for brunch except for a good reason - to catch up with friends! The reason brunch out is never really an option because Eric and I cook at home, and also we prefer not to go through the road jam during the weekend. However, there are these few particular brunch spots that stuck in my head and I will find every single possible excuse just to go back there to enjoy a good brunch session!

I LOVE BREAD, especially the sourdough bread. Fat Olive has the best sourdough bread and I find myself keep on wanting to go back just to enjoy their sourdough bread. I usually order the eggs with bacon or chorizo. They have quite an extensive menu for brunch and I kid you not, all the foods that we've ordered so far were really good! The mushroom soup, sandwiches, pasta and risotto - all so yums! The serving portion at here is considerably large as most of my girlfriends couldn't finish their meal most of the time. lol. Also, you definitely can enjoy a good cuppa coffee or glass of wine during the day here too! ;)

The first visit to Raft KL (Italian style cafe) was just for a short meeting with the boss. I ordered the Pancake stuffed with Nutella and it looks pretty normal. It's definitely like a love at first sight. I was totally surprised after one bite of it and I finished it even I was already quite full at that time. It was really one of the best pancakes I've ever had so far! Although they have quite an extensive menu and as much as I wanted to try out other dishes, I kept going back just for the pancake.

It was Vivian and I first visit and we were completely in love with the foods (and coffee) here! I still remember I was sick-ish and instead of ordering the big breakfast, I ordered the Smoked Duck Porridge. The smoked duck porridge was sooooo delicious and comforting! It actually feels like I'm having some Japanese style porridge. Eric ordered the big breakfast (it was really good!) and Vivian being super fancy ordered herself the Wizards Foie Gras Brioche (we loved it but Vivian complained that it's lack of greens!). We also ordered the Truffle Fries and it's good too! 

I wish I can go to any of these three places anytime but all of them are quite a distance away from me, and that's why I always find excuses to go these places whenever I can do so! :p Tell me your favorite brunch spots!

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