Pick Me Up at Kuchai Lama

STRESSED = DESSERTS, now you know why I love desserts! Where to go? Pick Me Up! I shall tell you..

I twitpic-ed a picture of the tower ice and a friend of mine actually asked me where is the tower ice? I have replied with "pick me up at kuchai lama hehe" and yes, you can see he asked the question again! Oh boy, the shop name is Pick Me Up and it's located at Kuchai Lama, opposite of Snowflake. I was there with several blogger friends and we were lucky enough get to sample almost each of the desserts at Pick Me Up.

Pick - me - up
Pick Me Up cafe definitely something different compare to other dessert shop for it just not serves desserts but also delectable light snacks. The warm cozy ambiance that comfy to stay in for gathering or catching up session. It tend to be rather unique in a way how they actually create their own recipe with "mix and match" on both desserts and snacks. Most importantly, it just going to satisfied your craving on almost everything! Let's see what in store for the guests.

Banana Ice Cream Burito ( RM 5.50/pc )
Mango & Oreo Ice Cream Burito ( RM 5.50/pc )
We started with the appetizer named, Ice Cream Burritos - banana, mango and oreo. You would certainly delightful with the unique and perfect combination of either banana or mango or oreo with crunchy nuts and ice cream, they were wrapped up which explained why it is named as burrito. Either one, good to go on your taste bud.

Tower Shaved Ice ( RM 12.90 )
After been hearing lots compliments on their signature Tower Shaved Ice, I was really glad get to try it my own on that day. The huge portion of this is sufficient enough to be shared with up to 5 pax and what makes it special? It is tall and comes with three different layer of shaved ice - strawberry ice, mango ice and blueberry ice - which separated with three thin layer of vanilla ice cream in between of each layer ice. Other than that, it comes with taro balls, nata de coco, pearl and fresh mango chunks that made it taste wonderful! Just so you know that there is a way to eat this, by shaving it from up to bottom or bottom to up and don't be surprised how's the great combination of all flavors bursting in your mouth.

* NEW *
Next come was another Tower Shaved Ice in which it comes with a combination of three layer ice of soya milk ice, palm sugar ice and grass jelly ice. Each layer of ice separated with red beans and it comes with barley, taro balls, grass jelly and pearls. This is something new that you couldn't found in the menu yet but yes it will be in the menu soon hopefully. Perhaps it's due to I can't take soya milk and I never fancy the taste of red beans my own, I would prefer the fruitylicious tower shaved ice compare to this one. Of course, you could always have both if you wish to. 

Chili Chic Quesadilla ( RM 8.50 )
Delicious fillings!
Chili Chic Quesadilla, one of my favorite snacks were served on the table and it may look in small portion but you would be surprised how filling it can be somehow. I especially love the fillings of the tortilla which really tantalizing and oh-so-delish! 

Chilli Fries ( RM 8 )
Cheesy Fries ( RM 5.50 )

Cheesy Nachos ( RM 4.50 )
As mentioned earlier, there's a " mix and match " in their snacks selections such as - Chili Fries ( it was the fillings of the tortilla that served with fries ), Cheesy Fries and Cheesy Nachos. Don't you just love to enjoy munching on something light while you're catching up with some friends instead of just a drink? Trust me, you're gonna get addicted with these snacks!

Soft Ice Cream with Three toppings ( RM 5.50 )

Froyo with Three Toppings ( RM 6.50 )
If you're an ice-cream person like mua, you're so gonna love the Froyo-Ice-Pick at Pick Me Up. You may choose either frozen yoghurt ( froyo ) or soft ice cream that accompanied by any three selection of toppings that you love. Those who knows me well, I could not take any milky stuffs for my lactose intolerant that do not allow me to consume the froyo for the heavy milky taste in it. As much as how everyone love the froyo, I could just take the soft ice cream and it's certainly great to go with such toppings!

Frozen Yoghurt Blueberry Ice with Three Toppings ( RM 8.50 )
Strawberry Fruit Ice Cream
Here's another of my favorites - Fruity Ice-Pick. It comes with similar option with the Froyo-Ice-Pick with its also comes with your selection of either blueberry or strawberry shaved ice that makes it different. Frankly, it's weird to eat the taro balls with ice cream and shaved ice, but it does not taste as bad as I expected.
Palm Sugar Ice with Five Toppings ( RM 6.50 )
Soya Milk Ice with Five Toppings ( RM 6.50 )
If you craving for some Taiwanese dessert, fret not, you may choose your desired selection of ice base and what's more? You may choose your five favorite toppings too! The portion of it really huge and it's pretty refreshing to have one bowl of it especially during the hot sunny day. Not to mentioned how they compliment the soya milk ice that goes well with the toppings. 

Nutella French Toast with Blueberry ( RM 5.50 ) + 1 scoop Ice Cream ( RM 1 )
Nutella French Toast with Peanut ( RM 5.50 ) + 1 scoop Ice Cream ( RM 1 )
Nutella French Toast with Strawberry ( RM 5.50 )
Nutella lovers! Here's something for you! A selections of toast bread with nutella spread nicely on top of it and serve with your desired toppings of other toasted bread. Just with additional of RM 1, you could get a scoop of vanilla ice cream that's going to made it taste even better! Be it Nutella French Toast with Blueberry or Peanut or Strawberry, you will in love with it. With all these sinfully delicious desserts and snacks, the afternoon was just wonderful while chit-chatting with the bunch of friends! 

Whenever you're craving for delish snacks and sinful desserts, do Pick Me Up at Kuchai Lama and we shall enjoy it!

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Pick-me-up ( Opposite Snowflake )
35, Jalan Kuchai Maju 8,
Kuchai Enterprenuer Park,
58200 Kuala Lumpur
GPS : N03 05.408'  E101 41.307'
Business Hour : Sun -Thurs : 12.30pm to 11.30pm
Fri - Sat : 12.30pm to 12.30am 
Tel : 03- 7981 4983 / 016 - 335 5301
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