Good Luck Elwyn !

It's hard to write while you're not in the mood, it's just hard. At this moment, while the tears falling down like nobody's business, here I am writing for a friend of mine, Elwyn who's leaving to New Zealand in a while. I do not really know him much and the time we get to know each other not too long and he is leaving. 

What I know about him, he is kind and friendly, he always bring happiness to other people and it wouldn't be a surprise when you're laughing while hanging out with him. I always remember how we sit along with other bunch of friends and while we are still working in the same industry, it always fun to know the valuable experience of others, I supposed. 


Trust me, when I get to know he is leaving soon, I wasn't that sad by thinking not so soon until the Saturday's night. I dislikes farewell, especially for those people that you're really getting close with. I thought I won't cry on that night, deep inside my heart praying hard the time to pass slowly so that everyone of us could still can enjoy the talks and trying to ignore the time. We shared about the our experience in Krabi since everyone been there and we did a great laugh with some funny things happened during the trip.


Who knows, just after we finished laugh, our drinks finished, it's getting late and definitely the time to bid goodbye to each other. I was still alright until the goodbye hug and I can't hold no more, tears falling so fast and there's no way to hide it. Good luck and all the best for everything over there, do take good care of yourself and keep in touch. I will never say goodbye as this is not the end of our friendship! ( So gonna miss you!  )