Hunca She Is Fun Heart Shape Box Set

Hunca She Is Fun Heart Shape Box Set - RM79
It's no longer the boring box but something lovely that brought by the postmen last month. It was considerably huge and smells really good too. It's the Hunca She Is Fun Heart Shape Box Set from HiSHOP! (^ν^)

What's inside the heart shape box? Yes, they look really lovely! There's 50ml EDT + 100ml Deodorant + 75ml Glittery Body Lotion included in the box. Trust me, it smells really really nice! 

Hunca She Is Fun Glittery Body Lotion
Each time before step out from the house, I'll make sure I moisturise my body with this Hunca She Is Fun Glittery Body Lotion. And yes, it's important to moisturise your body skin as they need some love too. 

It was packaged in normal tube but with funky pink design on it. Each time I look at it, it always give me that lively mood to start my days!

I love the smooth texture of the body lotion, non-sticky and non-greasy too! I actually wondering why is it called "Glittery" Body Lotion as I don't see any glitter effect after apply it too. It feels really good and body skin feels hydrated at time. 

After done with body, I took this Hunca She Is Fun Deodorant and sprayed it towards my armpit. Boy, the smells of it really nice as if you have the perfume on you! Similarly to the body lotion, its design in that lively pink bottle. It regulates sweating all day long and prevents formation of unwanted odors with its scent. It works really great on this, as in your armpit dry all day long with nice scent. 

Am not a perfume person but if I need it, I always choose something that can make me feel fresh all day long. This Hunca She Is Fun EDT is perfect for those who cheer up the mood wherever they go and one can easily feel the freshness of flower and fruits as the top notes. 
Top notes: orange, grapefruit, melon, apple blossom, peach and apricot
Heart: freesia and pink peony
Base: sandalwood and musk

It feels like am back to high school time when I first get my very first EDT from my parents. What I'm trying to say here, you'd feel like a young girl who is going to fall for her love at the first sight once again whenever you apply this on yourself! (Alright, maybe that's only my fantasy >.<)

How much?
- RM79 
Where to get it?
Enjoy RM20 rebate, use code: TRYUSNOW
*Minimum purchase of RM99, valid till 15th September 2013 
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