Meet & Greet Session with Olivia Ong in Malaysia!

Most of my friends actually surprised the fact that I listen to Mando-pop too, because for them am just a die hard Kpop fans. Oh well, I just wanted to share with you guys that I've attended the "Meet & Greet Session with Olivia Ong" who came all the way from Taiwan to Malaysia for her latest album 等等” promo tour. The event was held at Berjaya University College of Hospitality. 

The hall was filled with fellow Olivians (known as Olivia's fans) and you would be surprised that they are not those type of fans who scream and yelling like nobody's business. :p They are all just similar to Olivia herself, being the soft and well manner. 

Olivia entered and greeted all of the fans with her very own song "等等". Trust me, you can easily fall in love with her soulful voice. 

She may look like a shy girl in person, but she actually shared most of her activities and also journey for the new album during the interview by the emcee.

Here's the most fun part, fans surprised with the mini game conducted during the meet and greet session. There's four lucky fans to stand side by side with Olivia on the stage to play the game. The fans were to pick one card and have to express the real expression according to the mission given. >.< The mini game was really fun and interactive! 

All the participants received prizes from Olivia herself and also photo opportunity with Olivia on stage. 

It was then followed by performance by Olivia again with another song from the latest album too! All the fans were once again truly mesmerised by her voice. 

Look how much Olivia love her fans! You would be surprised how much and how long all the fellow Olivians have been supporting Olivia, for years! One of the Olivians claimed that he would buy a lot of the Olivia's album and not only keep it to himself, but giving it to friends on their birthdays. That's show his way to support Olivia's music and also spreading loves to fellow mates! <3

The meet and greet session was completed with autograph session. All the fans get to approach Olivia closely and get all their albums signed by Olivia herself. 
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