DEFINE Art Jamming Party @ Terrace, Hock Choon

Remember my post about the Art Jamming Party by DEFINE? It was held at the Terrace @ Hock Choon and it was really an interesting event after all! Read on to check what have been prepared for the guest! 

Look at this Volkswagen Kombi van, you would agree with me how classic it looked like here. Now, you have to remember this very first look of this van and compare it with the "after" look of it.

We were there!
Patricia K.
The emcee for the day was none other than the hot looking Patricia K! After done with the registration, both Uni and I went and check out the caricature booth to get our caricature badges done. :p

We're the first to queue!

The 3 talented caricature artists - Shan, Chee Ching and Ernest! I love my badges very much and tell me which is the cutest version of me! I have four as I managed to blackmail Miao to draw one for me! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ 

The badges!
After done with the caricatures badges, we went to check out the real art jamming that happening at that time! I was kinda surprised and somehow amazed by people who're actually into art and showcased their talent onto the van itself. Van as the canvas, simply awesome. 

Start painting
Oh look! She used finger to paint!
Eric going to draw too!
Gorgeous Audrey!
I'm not good in drawing but I can draw a star! 
Caroline - Estee aka Msbulat - Jian aka Miao
Everyone draw on Jian's face!
It was really cool get to joined in and draw or paint whatever on your mind and made the van turned into something extra ordinary with a hint of artistic feel. Of course, you'd need to put on the poncho that provided in the goodie bag; filled in the colour into your egg tray as your colour palette and use the brushes provided in the goodie bag to start your drawing and painting!

Cheese balls?

The event was really interesting however, it kinda turned us off that we were only served with finger foods for event that started at 4pm to 9pm. Though I have to say some of the finger foods served on that evening were delicious! 

For the evening session, guest can always choose to enter the "bar" area to get their favourite cocktails and enjoy the performance by Reza Salleh and Liyana Fizi. No one going to say no for chilling and mingling session heh?

Reza Salleh
Liyana Fizi

As mentioned in my previous post for this event, there will be CORKtale session with the four winners with creative cocktails creation and named by themselves to be served on the actual day. The one with the chilli kinda freaked me out before I tried all of them. ( ゚д゚)

Mixing and preparing our drinks!
Name of the cocktails
We've tried ALL of them and KHOR HUE GEE tasted really nice! Despite of it sourness, it was pretty refreshing and that was the most ordered cocktail for the night too. 

Yours truly with the cocktail
Haze & Ernest
Who are the people behind the art for the van? Haze and Ernest put their effort on beautify the van which in such unique and artistic way.

Haze, a very talented and friendly person and I really think she's amazing for being there with all of the guests while they are painting the van, not just by looking but joining in. She was with her team from Art Misfits were really incredible artists! Let me show what they have done to the van and get ready to be amazed by her and her team artworks!

Right side
Left Side
The van has transformed from a plain white into a very colourful one! There's so many artworks portrayed on the body of the van. It's nothing but impressive! *\(^o^)/*

Us with the Volkswagen Kombi van
Audrey & Caroline
Uni - Chee Ching - Caroline
Estee - Caroline - Rocky
Choulyin - Uni - Caroline
Ernest - Estee - Caroline - Jian
Dan Kho - Choulyin - Evelyn - Calista - Caroline - Uni
Elwyn - Yeeing - Ryan - Uni - Caroline - Calista - Cunlynn - Jian
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