Satkara Spa @ Casa del Rio, Melaka

Still remember about the pre-booked spa session that arranged by LUX during the beauty media trip to Melaka? All of us have been pre-arranged a spa session at Satkara Spa in Casa del Rio, Melaka. 

You could easily fall in love with the ambiance of Satkara Spa the moment you stepped inside it. Guest are required to check-in at the Spa Reception Desk 10 minutes prior to the first appointment to enjoy pre-treatment facilities. 

Both Uni and I were scheduled at 3pm and it was just nice that we could get our bags into the room and rest for an hour before the spa session. We're truly looking forward to the spa session after the long journey from KL to Melaka. 

The treatment room is really spacious with simple yet elegant interior setting. It completed with 2 treatment beds, jacuzzi, shower, toilet, etc. 

We were served with ginger tea as refreshment before our spa session. 

Treatment Beds

We were given the sarong and disposable panties before the treatment start. The friendly therapists introduced themselves to us and get to know us, proceeded with let us to breathe aromatherapy oil and the spa massage officially start after that. Prior before they massage us further and deeper, they actually checked with us about the level of pressure that our body could handle. I'm totally enjoy the entire body massage session with the soothing level of massage pressure. I really think that they are being generous on applying the aromatherapy essential oils on my body and surprisingly it wasn't that oily as I expected. I even dozed off twice during the entire spa session. 

The whole body of mine felt so relaxed and rejuvenated after the pampering session. I wish I could enjoy the shower or soak in the jacuzzi but there's still others to come for their session. Hence, I ended up enjoy soaking myself with LUX body wash and bath salt in the huge bathtub in my hotel room.

Another tea drink after the spa session. It feels so complete! Oh, if you don't wish to go for massage, you can always opt for the facial too! You can choose from Aroma Essence Facial, Gentleman's Facial (yup, guys you can enjoy facial here too!) and Baba Nyonya Facial.

Satkara Spa artfully fuses Asian traditions of health and beauty with European botanicals. They aim to offer an extraordinary treatment experience that is not intimidating and provides the guests with a unique level of comfort and privacy. If you're not staying in the hotel and just visit Melaka for a day trip and wish to enjoy the spa session, you can do so too! 

**Advance booking is required

Spa Facilities: 10:00am - 8:00pm
Spa Treatments: 10:00am - 7:00pm

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