My ACPURIS Journey: The Beginning

Hey loves! Some of you might have already know me as Kpop die hard fans! Well, it's not really as am not only love the Kpop music but also the cultures, foods and BEAUTY! I've been admiring the Korean beauty (no, am not talking about plastic surgery) with all their beauty skincare and cosmetic. Today, am going to share with you that I started my journey with ACPURIS in healing my acne prone skin condition. 

ACPURIS (Acne Purifying System) is one of the beauty range that made in Korea which designed specifically for acne prone skin. I have no idea on how it's going to work but still decided to give it a try and wishing to achieve a clear skin after a month usage. Let's see what they have for complete range of products:-

ACPURIS Mild Purifying Cleanser (RM113)
ACPURIS Balance Control Skin Toner (RM159)
ACPURIS Balance Control Milk Lotion (RM159)
ACPURIS One Step Sebum Control Emulsion (RM149)

ACPURIS Intensive Spot Treatment (RM113)
I will be sharing more on the ACPURIS skincare products in my next post about it! You might want to know what is it all about too! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

My "BEFORE" Picture! *sobs*

As you can see above, that's my naked face (those who thought am pretty can say am fugly now, kthxbai) without anything on! ( ゚д゚) Well, all the pimples popped up 2 week ago after yours truly enjoyed too much peanuts intake and now suffering so much from it now. I started using ACPURIS in my daily skincare regime for a week and so far loving how it calmed the troubled areas on my face and what I love the most definitely the matte finish look after applied it on my face. I dislike the dewiness or glowing finish that made my face look somewhat oily that way. I shall update all of you again after another week! (・ω・)ノ