Travel Survival Kit by The Butterfly Project Malaysia!

Beauty Bag - Travel Survival Kit
I believe The Butterfly Project Malaysia is no longer foreign to most of you by now as I've been mentioning how awesome they're previously and still continue being awesome and inspiring to the rest of the community. Still remember my entry post for the Spa Getaway trip to the Lost World Of Tambun previously and I actually just got back from the 2D1N trip on the Monday. To our surprised, The Butterfly Project Malaysia has prepared beauty box themed "Travel Survival Kit" for all of us and that's simply mean less thing to pack for the trip!

We were given each our beauty box during our ETS train ride to Ipoh and it also comes with a super cute and yummy rilakuma bear cookie! I'll be blogging about my very first ETS train ride experience in my next post, let's check out what's in the bag!

The beauty box is not a box but a pretty bag and it look special as it's actually the limited edition lingerie bag from One Utama! Anything that is limited edition definitely worth to own and keep for sure, at least that's for me.

Trust me, the beauty bag was quite heavy to compare with normal weight of other beauty box around. Look! Don't you think that's really a lot of awesome stuff inside a bag? Oh wait, are they really that awesome? You can judge by continue reading below.

1st - Sunplay Super Block SPF130 PA+++
Sunplay Super Block SPF130 has the highest SPF for maximum outdoor against harmful UVA and UVB rays all day long. It has a Revolutionary Watery Liquid Formulation that gives you the protection that you need and also highly water resistant. You can apply it for your face and body and need not to worry about the sun rays! 

2nd - Lifebuoy Hand Sanitizer
I'm not sure about you but hand sanitizer is one of the must have in my bag! Lifebuoy Hand Sanitizer with moisturiser and Vitamin E is an ideal hand gel for keeping your hands sanitised when you're on the go, killing germs instantly and keeping hands soft and smooth. 

I believe most of us thought it was the Liss Ultime Shampoo and Masque by L'Oréal Professionel in this bag? :p

3rd - L'ORÉAL Professionel Mythic Oil Nourishing Shampoo and Masque
Tadaa! I was so happy and surprised the moment I opened up the bag! The new mythic oil shampoo and masque use powerful oils to balance hair leaving it cleansed at the root and nourished at the ends for a weightless finish. It has precious oils to deliver the vibrant shine on our hair, paraben-free formula and light enough for everyday use.

4th - LUX Soft Touch Body Wash
I love LUX body washes and seeing this included in the beauty bag made me smile happily again for I know my shower going to be somewhat luxurious one with LUX! LUX Soft Touch, inspired by strawberry fields, Soft Touch is composed to convey an irresistibly soft and sensual feeling, blending indulgent florals with some fresh fruity notes. The rich floral bouquet is contrasted with the sparkling fruity fizzy notes of strawberry and passion fruit. Caramel and vanilla complete this creative scent. Lux Soft Touch forms a light creamy layer on the skin which will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and moisturised.

5th -  JOHNSON'S® Body Care Oxygen Fresh Gel Lotion
Body lotion is definitely a must after shower or anytime anywhere! JOHNSON'S® Body Care Oxygen Fresh Gel Lotion is enriched with Ocean Minerals and Coralline extracts to help skin cells absorb oxygen and revitalize your skin! Apply it after your shower and you'll love the non-sticky feeling and smooth skin.

6th - Mozzie-A-Go-Go by Bisou Bonbon
This is not a lip balm but insect repellent stick called Mozzie-A-Go-Go. It has strong lemongrass scent which is really nice! The insect repellent stick made of Glycine max (soybean oil), Cera Alba (beeswax), essential oils of Cymbopogon Citratus, Cymbopogon Nardus and of course lots of love by bisou bonbon! All you need to do is dot or make small crosses on exposed skin as needed to get away from the blood sucking mozzies!

7th - MAYBELLINE Baby Lips Pink Glow
I've been loving the Maybelline lip balm series and now I get to to try one of the new series! The new Baby Lips Pink Glow is a colour fusion lip balm, its colour enhancing balm react to the unique chemistry of your lips and giving a natural with pink glow to your lips. It also claimed that it protects and moisturises lips for a full 8 hours! 

8th - Facial Travel Set by Esmeria Organics
I was given the Alpine Willowherb for oily and acne skin range to suit my skin type. The travel set includes purifying cleansing gel, purifying toner and moisturising solution which is just perfect for 3-steps basic regime. Alpine Willowherb keeps sebum secretions normal while soothing sore and inflamed skin. Totarol extract fights acne causing bacteria and prevents uncomfortable breakouts. I used this for my night and next morning skincare and it felt so refreshing with a really pleasant scent!

9th - TT Orchid Extract Replenishing Mask by Timeless Truth
To see one of my favourite mask brands in the beauty bag just gave me another joy to received the beauty bag! Did you know that Timeless Truth Orchid Extract Replenishing Mask is Halal certified? This mask helps in whitening, brightening, moisturising, anti-aging, clarity, prevent dark spots and also reduce uneven skin tone! The orchid extract helps to protect the skin from moisture loss and what I love the most about this mask, it fitted my face and covered my neck nicely too.

Well, that's what I did at night before I go to bed. Give a try on this mask and you'll see obvious brightening and whitening effect after put it on! 

Now, don't you think it's crazy to have a total of 10 items in the beauty bag? Yup, there's one more amazing product here!

10th - J'pan UV Bright Drink and J'pan ProWhite by Kinohimitsu
Kinohimitsu J'pan UV Bright Drink is the most effective way to restore fair skin, not only for your face but for your whole body including underarms, elbows, tummy, knees, inner thighs and groin. It's like a magic drink potion that helps to protect our skin for 9 hours from the UV rays! 

On the other hand, the J'pan ProWhite regimen provides systemic protectant to your skin and body in accordance to your body natural rhytm. It offers you complete protection from UV rays during the day and while you are asleep to effectively restore skin fairness, visibly reduce the appearance of age spots and enhance body immunity.

Happy girls!
Guess what happened in the train after everyone unboxed their beauty bag? We have a mini Kinohimitsu drinking party as we knew we need that UV rays protection upon arriving Ipoh station later on! ヽ(*´v`*)ノ

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