Bloop Candy Lipstick (304)

I can't stop thanking HiSHOP for continuous bringing surprise to me! (⌒▽⌒) Look what arrived doorstep last month - Bloop Candy Lipstick (304).

When I saw it was a lipstick inside the box, it worried me till the moment I apply it on my lips! The bloop Candy Lipstick comes in 9 beautiful shades and I always have problem in choosing perfect colour for lipstick that can be matched with my skin tone. (´・_・`) 

Packaging wise, I thought it was quite cute and suitable for teenagers. It looks sweet and youthful, after all it's all about candylicious!(≧∇≦)

It claimed that bloop Candy Lipstick has highly saturated colour that is long lasting and does not fade easily throughout the day. It is specially designed to add vibrant colour and lustre to your lips with ease. Well, let's see how true is it. (・ω・)ノ

Back to the color, it's more like combination of pink and coral colours which is soft and bright at the same time. I love the colour and this lipstick has turned out as one of my favourite lipstick on the go. 

My Opinion: It's really easy to apply it by using lip brush or just glide it on your lips. The colour is vibrant as it claimed indeed. However, I have to disagree the fact that it last long as it didn't, or maybe just me? As much as I love the matte-look yet feel hydrated too after applied it on my lips, I really dislike how it can be easily smudged off whenever I drink water from the cups or straws. (。-_-。) You can always apply lip gloss to achieve your desired glossy plump lips! As for me, I always use either the bloop lip gloss or just the clear one. 

I still love to apply it when I go out nowadays for its vibrant color and made me look more cheerful! Here's how it looked like under the sunlight! (^ω^)

How much?
- RM38

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