Mid Autumn Festival + Birthday Celebration

We always together and being there for each other. We might be very busy with our own stuffs but friendship is always there. We celebrated the double combo celebration - Mid Autumn Festival and Lionel's Birthday - on the Sunday at Jade Pot Dim Sum and Steamboat Restaurant. 

It's been a while since I had my steamboat session with friends or family and it was really great ideas came from Mei Yee to celebrate both Mooncake and birthday celebration at Jade Pot Steamboat restaurant. Eric and I went to PJ Hilton to collect the birthday cake for Lionel's birthday surprise before headed to Jade Pot.

Am with new hair! :p

I always love meeting up with them and catching up with everyone. It was quite a long time since we met last time. Just a lil bit sad that Quachee (he was sick) and Merryn (she was having some kid's birthday party if I not mistaken) couldn't make it for this round and it seem that so hard to get everyone get together. Of course, am still happy for this gathering as there's always next time! Upon entering Jape Pot, we were greeted warmly by the waitress, and we all guess that they were all from China from their accent.

Mei Yee had done reservation for us and there's a huge round table prepared for us on that evening. I found the tea pot quite cute in design, don't you think so? We had quite a hard time in deciding which set to choose  and finally decided to take TWO sets of RM89.90 for 4 pax and we have 8 pax in total. We also requested for two type of soups - Tom Yam and Fish Head with Yam with another additional RM 8 charges. 

Tom Yam Soup and Fish Head with Yam Soup
Veggie and Pork Slice
Meatballs and Sotong Balls
Fishballs, Stuffed beancurd, Dried Beancurd
Shrimps, Noodles, Veggie
I LOVE the Fish Head with Yam soup!! Everyone loved it actually! It was actually just an attempt as Grey and I couldn't take spicy one. But those who love spicy, they do prefer Tom Yam soup! The soup refills was FREE too! I had few bowls of the soup itself!
4 types of sauces to choose
What we had in overall
We thought and actually afraid that it might not enough for all of us, and yes we were wrong! As we were actually feeling stuffed and we have cake and mooncake some more after that. And we are actually quite surprised with the dessert that served to us on that night. We were served with refreshing cooling Ai Yu Jelly!
Ai Yu Jelly
Next was the surprise birthday celebration for Lionel! Happy 29th birthday to you! We love the Durian Cheesecake very much! Our teacher Erika who don't eat/dislike durian love it too! 
Durian Cheesecake from PJ Hilton @ RM35nett
Birthday Boy with his birthday cake!
Slices of yummylicious durian cheesecakes
We then proceed with our main purpose of the gathering, mooncakes! Everyone took out all the mooncakes we have brought for that evening and looking at it, we know our tummy couldn't take it anymore after the steamboat and cakes. Anyway, I had all mooncakes on that night except for the Sambal mooncake brought by Grey? Anyway, I kinda like the Dragonfruit mooncake brought by Adrian!
Look at our mooncakes!
Most of us packed back some different slices of mooncakes and we also had the Taro brought by Foong! I had two of it! Simply love it!

We had some chit chat and catching up with each other after didn't meet for quite some time. We laughed, we had fun, we shared some funny jokes, and Foong and I had a great laugh on that night but let it be the secret between me and him! He is soo bad! To complete the celebration, we had some camwhoring session which I always love for I can keep another good memories moment with them! 

Ladies - Mei Yee, Caroline and Erika
Gentlemen - Eric, Foong, Adrian, Grey and Lionel
Lovely group picture of us
Sweet Memories

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