My BaBy 9900 !

So yea I got myself a new baby except for my lil cute Piggy! It is none other than the latest series in Blackberry Bold series, the Blackberry Bold Touch 9900. I have been waiting for this phone to come months ago and been following several sites just to know when is the official launching date for this phone. I even went to Blackberry store just to asked when it's coming out in Malaysia, yes am that crazy for this phone. I remember they told me it only coming out on the 15th of September. 
Last week, Eric and I went for a walk after had our dinner with Mei Yee and Lionel at Gardens, and there you go, I spotted BB9900 on one of the Blackberry dealer phone shop ! We went to take a look and tried it out, it just awesome! I didn't get it on that night but the next day! It's hardly to imagine that I finally get it on hand and it's mine! It cost me for a whopping RM 2188. Well, I did not wait for the telco as I do not want to tie up with any contract. It feels so good being one among the first to own it.

Unboxing it
The moment I got it, I immediately called DiGi to subscribe the Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) in order to use my phone to online and it only cost me RM10 per month. It was such a torture 30mins while waiting for it to activate, and luckily we were busy finding pressie for Quachee too. Previously, I was Android user which I pretty much in love with it for the amazing apps and games that am addicted to, and now am a BB user which what I've been wanted to. You won't need a computer science degree get online with this baby. But I wonder if wonder if computer classes will help me make the most of this BB.

Larger QWERTY keyboard
Unlike other BB Bold family members, BB 9900 comes with full QWERTY keypad and Touch Screen feature and what more when it is on the latest BB OS 7! Do you know it is also the thinnest one in BB Bold family?! With 5MP camera and also 720p HD recording, just right for this phone. Although I am quite disappointed as most of the apps that I wanted to download still not compatible with this latest OS, I know I just gotta be a lil bit more patient. Who say BB don't have nice game? I have downloaded a few and I have to say they are pretty addictive!
How slim is that compare to other BB 
I love the push notification in BB and I can easily reply emails for both personal and work. Everything is so easy now and the battery life is much better than I expected. I enjoy whatsapp-ing with iphone user friends and enjoy bbm-ing with my BB buddies! 
Piggy having fun with BB9900
It is really like dream come true and I can't wait to get some accessories for new baby! Anywhere I can get the cute casing for this? :p