An Experience of 5-star Pampering Session @ Celmonze, Damansara Utama

Busy and hectic life I am having now always a brilliant excuse for me to go for some pampering and relaxation for a day at least? Ahh well, I just could not ask for more when I am given few hours pampering session at Celmonze today! It rarely happen and it's just like a golden opportunity! 

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I've been hearing a lot about Celmonze yet this is my very first time to step into and get to try their products and services. We were greeted by the friendly beauticians and given a cup of honey green tea which I found pretty refreshing. Walking through the walkway with gold dimmed light ambiance, it was such a warm feeling my heart said. And, I was pretty surprised get to know what kind of treatment am getting and oh-so-wow I would say! 
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After changed, lovely beautician, Ms Yan brought me into the antioxidant chamber. The room was very warm and I somehow afraid I couldn't stand with the heat. Just when I was start worrying, Ms Ron told me to breathe, relax, close my eyes and lie down on the red hot tiles for 40 minutes. There were also a bottle of water for me to finish up within the process. I was quite nervous after they left! The soothing music helped me a lot and after few minutes I didn't feel it hot even though the temperature was at between 39°C - 41°C.

Getting ready for Antioxidant Hot-Bed Therapy
I was told that the Antioxidant Hot-Bed Therapy is a revolutionary health and beauty solution developed by scientist from Japan, and I also get to know that the tiles are all the way from Japan. If you're wondering what are the benefits for this therapy, let me share with you. This therapy promotes relaxation and relieve stress, revitalizes and rejuvenates body inside out, improve blood circulation and metabolism level, regulates and reduces high cholesterol levels, strengthen immune system and nervous system, relieves pain, allergies, colds and constipation and fight effects of free radical with negative ions. 

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"Enjoying" ?
I sweated a lot during the process and it feels good to sweat! After rest myself and took shower, we proceed with the 30 minutes back massage. I always have problem in massage, in terms of letting other people touching my body? Am pretty surprised with Ms Yan, she managed to massage me without I complaint any pain! Mind you, it's not only back massage, but also neck, shoulder and scalp. My body felt so light and less tense just after the whole treatment. :massage:

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The last but not least, 60 minutes facial. Unlike the ordinary ones I had before, this facial inclusive of relaxing massage, make-up remover, cleansing, toner, exfoliation, extractions, facial massage and mask. The facial massage comprises of 20 minutes massage for face and neck. I love the minty-cool feeling on the surface of my skin during the toner part. It was really a total relaxation for my body and soul, I even wish I could continue for the back massage as it was really too comfy and I can feel the pores on my face are all able to breathe all over again after the facial treatment. It just like a 5-star rated pampering session which I wish for more and more!

Thanks to Jeremy for all the photos!

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