Best In Grain Preview @ Ricetaurant, Bangsar Village

It is an honored being invited for the Best In Grain Preview at Ricetaurant on the last Thursday night. The first thing I did after hearing the restaurant name, Ricetaurant, I surfed and it was so surprised to know that it is yet another restaurant under The Big Group. The Plan B restaurant we went for Quachee's birthday dinner also one of it. 
To answer the curiosity on my mind, why is it named Ricetaurant, well it is a tribute to the Asian staple, Rice. For many of us in Asia, rice in its delicious form has come to equate comfort food. Ricetaurant serves a menu more traditional rice dishes from around the region, with creative updates thrown in. 

Look at the crowd
We were greeted by Lynette upon arrival and to be honest I was quite impressed with the exterior design of Ricetaurant. We were served with the Top TEN suggested dishes and there will be voting needed. And of course, votes not just by us but also by the public through their facebook page.

Claypot Chicken, Yam and Dried Prawns in Nam Yue Sauce
The first to come in the list  - Claypot Chicken, Yam and Dried Prawns in Nam Yue Sauce. We love it, it tasted so good and kind of remind me of my father's cook, although slightly different version for this one. Everything were well cooked and love the taste of yam and prawns in it and guess its the sauce made it taste wonderful!  
Hainanese Chicken Rice
The Hainanese Chicken Rice served in a huge plate that comes with steamed chicken, fragrant rice, soup and also chilli sauce with pounded ginger. I love the tender smooth chicken meat that goes very well with the chilli sauce! 
Teriyaki Chicken with Rice
Teriyaki Chicken served with steamed rice. Teriyaki is a cooking technique used in Japanese cuisine in which foods are broiled or grilled in a sweet soy sauce marinade, and also served in modern Japanese cuisine. So yea, it's common to have it in Japanese restaurant but we can get it here too! The chicken is well marinated and the sweetness of the soy sauce on it made it suitable to eat with the steamed rice.  

Chinese Olives & Seafood Fried Rice
Next followed by the Chinese Olives & Seafood Fried Rice, it smells sooo nice and we just couldn't wait to try it. It is cooked nicely though it's a lil bit too peppery to my liking. However, we found that it will taste less peppery when it is cold. It's hard to deny this is one of my favorites on that night as I had few servings of this.
Sweet and Sour Fish
Who would have thought a simple dish like Sweet and Sour Fish will be listed too? I believe this dish always popular among those Chinese, and we just love simply delicious cooked dish aight? It is really nice to eat when it served piping hot! The fish were cut in just nice portion and its fresh too!

Short Ribs Rendang with Nasi Lemak
Came next was the Short Ribs Rendang with Nasi Lemak. Nasi lemak has never been my favorite as I know most of them taste very spicy and I myself level of spiciness is very low. By looking at it, it looks sooo inviting and very kind of Bok tried it and happily told me it's not spicy at all. I quickly get my spoon and fork and try them, it is very delicious!! We love the short ribs rendang and probably it is one of the best rendangs I have ever had. The beef meat were sooo tender and not those kind of tough chewy type. I love the sambal too!
Chicken and Long Bean Fried Rice
Another fried rice in the list, the Chicken and Long Bean Fried Rice. It is more to Chinese style cooked and both Eric and I love this very much. I can eat nonstop for this one as it is just simply tasty for a rice recipe. It may look plain but it is full with flavors. 

Ayam Percik with Nasi Ulam
After mixed everything!
I have never tried any sort of Nasi Kerabu or Nasi Ulam you called it and was so glad that it was in the list. The Ayam Percik with Nasi Ulam served in a huge plate and it looked something special and give an authentic taste on it. There were Oxtail Asam Pedas, Sambal Belacan, Salted Egg, Ulam-ulam, Salted Fish and white rice on the plate where we have to mix everything and voila it's become the delicious traditional nasi ulam. 

Next to come was the Teochew Porridge. I was wondering what is there to shout of for this porridge and finally understand the uniqueness of this porridge. This porridge cooked in the claypot which makes it tasted nicer and smoother texture of the rice in the porridge. It was pretty yummy to eat it with other condiments prepared.
Black Sticky Rice with Coconut Milk
As for dessert, we were served the last but not least, Black Glutinous Rice with Coconut Milk that made it into the list. The three of us love this very much and I wish I could have another bowl of it! The coconut milk made the whole thing taste wonder I would say!

Apple, Elderflower and Lychee

Pineapple, Orange and Mint

Hainanese Tea
We were all fully satisfied with the foods served and we were recommend to have the fizzy drinks in Ricetaurant as it is very good according to Mr Loke and Ms Lynette. There were three different drinks and we enjoyed all of them very much. The drinks tasted so fresh and its really a thumb up for these drinks! Everything were freshly made and Ricetaurant is really a place for people to enjoy some simply yet delicious foods. It is not just for the Chinese but also others as it is a pork-free restaurant. 

Caroline and Bok
Caroline and Eric
We put on our votes on that night, and it's now the time for you to vote for the Best In Grain. You may vote for your Top Three Dish at HERE !

Contact : Leong / Wong  : +603 - 2287 1566
Opening Hours :12noon - 3pm daily  & 6pm - 10pm daily