Wonderful High Tea Time @ Green Treats Cafe,Swiss Garden Hotel

Some says, macarons are supposed to be sweet, as in very sweet? While I prefer it to be not too sweet. I have tried few from other places and yet I always ended up munched one piece and that's all for me. Just till when I stepped into Green Treats Cafe for high tea with bunch of friends, things changed!

Located at the lobby level of Swiss Garden, Green Treats Cafe serve a range of baked organic bread, wholesome sandwiches, cakes, gourmet teas, coffees as well as freshly squeezed juices for total wellness. Upon entering, did I just saw Baskin Robbins ice cream there?!

Just when we need a chilling place to relax our mind from the hectic work, the ambiance of Green Treats Cafe just perfectly cozy with the dim light atmosphere. What a comfy place to hang out!

Coffee lovers! Do you know that Green Treats Cafe serves premium illy coffee?? I am not a coffee person, but it was such a wonderful experience get to witnessed the coffee art on that day. I also love the fluffy foam on top of the cuppa cappuccino!Smiley

Fluffy foam on top
Ordered drinks for ourselves and yes it's the time to indulge ourselves with all the sinful cakes and macarons that presented colorfully on the table! Shall we look into them?

Lemon cheesecakes, coffee cakes and scones
We started with some simple and tiny little cakes, the lemon cheesecakes and chocolate mousse cakes were just so yummylicious! The scones taste perfectly delicious after topped with the fresh creams and some strawberry jam on it. The combination of sweet scones and bitterness of coffee were just perfect, don't you agree?Smiley
Assorted sandwiches
High tea is not just about cakes! There were assorted sandwiches served such as prawn and mayo finger sandwich, the egg sandwich, chicken and mayo sandwich and also cucumber sandwich. You would love the fresh succulent prawn topped with mayo sandwich!

Chocolate Cake
Lemon Cheese cake
I always love to indulge myself with some mini cakes! They are small but rich in flavor and I always prefer to have some hot tea with cakes. 
Mango Tango cheesecake
Nuts in between of the layers
I found something special among the cakes we had, it was the Mango Tango Cheesecake (if am not mistaken). It kinda fluffy and I had to be careful in cutting it off, to my surprise, there were some nuts in between of the two layer cakes. The nutty taste blended so well and melted in my mouth, with the sweet mango taste, its just so great!Smiley
Vanilla cupcake
Chocolate cupcake
I love looking at those beautifully decorated cupcakes yet am not a fan of cupcakes! Maybe it's just because the huge amount of cream topping on the cake. However, the chocolate cupcake was really exceptionally good! Why? The rich chocolatey cream tasted so great that I could just keep eating it.

Assorted Macarons
Colorful cute macarons
Macarons, my love! I always eyeing on these cute stuff and after a bite of it, I just couldn't stop my hand to grab another one and next! The macarons at here were so special that they tasted not too sweet, just nice to my liking! It's really my first time munching on more than one piece of macaron. Smiley

Esther enjoying her cappuccino
Caroline and Stephanie
It was really such a lovely hi-tea time with friends at Green Treats Cafe, Swiss Garden Hotel. I even wish I could spend more time sitting on the comfy couch, chit-chatting while indulging ourselves with the sinful cakes and continue sipping cuppa hot tea or coffee with the surrounding soothing music played, wonderful time I would say! 

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