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Broiled Lobster Chowder & Crab Croutons -RM18.90

A place that serves good yakitori with beer and whiskey always sounds great especially after you've had a long day at work. As for me, I am absolutely enjoy having the flavorful Broiled Lobster Chowder & Crab Croutons with a pint of Kirin beer - not bad at all.  

Torii, a Japanese-accented gastro-bar, dedicated to the twin pleasures of yakitori and divine whiskey. The menu featuring grilled skewered meats, seafood, and vegetables. Also, with a range of unique Japanese-inspired dishes. The story behind the name "Torii" is tri-faceted. Firstly, Torii is a play on the Japanese word "Yakitori", which essentially means grilled chicken. Torii also alludes to Mr. Shinjiro Torii, widely regarded as the father of the Japanese whiskey industry. Finally, Torii in Japanese also means a traditional Japanese gate leading into a shrine. 

Avocado De La Mer -RM19.90
baked seafood, avocado, mushrooms, piquant miso and cheese

Bonded Unagi & Foie Gras -RM29.90
grilled river eel, egg, pan-seared foie gras

Both Avocado De La Mer and Bonded Unagi & Foie Gras were super-duper delicious!

Foie Gras & Beef Gyoza -RM24.90
pan-seared in ponzu and herbs

Oyster Carpaccio (3pcs) -RM37.90
yuzu ponzu and tabasco sauce

Wings -RM8.90

The wings were lightly seasoned with sea salt and grilled to perfection! It has the slightly crisp skin on the outside with the tender meat in the inside. It was really good!

Sirloin -RM15.90

The sirloins were lightly seasoned with sea salt and black pepper and grilled to medium rare perfection. Squeeze a little bit of the lemon and you can enjoy these with satisfaction!

Rock Lobster -RM11.90

The rock lobster seasoned with scallion and garlic chilli sauce tastes slightly spicy for me. Love the succulent lobster meat!

Sweet Potato -RM5.90
sea salt with butter

Torii Fried Rice -RM25.90
foie gras, herbs, garlic chips with fried rice

Autumn Risotto -RM27.90
freshly shaven cheese, egg yolk and asparagus

Mentaiko Pasta -RM21.90
spaghetti with fish roe, seaweeds and herbs

The Torii Fried Rice is super delicious! This is probably the one dish that I refuse to share with anyone. Mix everything and you can enjoy such perfect combination of everything in one bowl. Please make sure you order this one unless you don't like the taste of foie gras. And, if you don't fancy fried rice, do give a try to their Autumn Risotto! It was really good too!

Single scoop ice cream -RM12.90
whiskey-n-raisin, white chocolate lavender, and dark chocolate sorbet

I totally enjoyed both whiskey-n-raisin and dark chocolate sorbet. The dark chocolate sorbet is really rich in dark chocolate with a hint of bitterness, just the way I love it! The white chocolate lavender tasted kinda weird to my liking.

Torii TTDI
(same row as Tadika Diyana, next to Presto Grocers)
18, Lorong Datuk Sulaiman 1, Taman Tun Dr Ismail,
60000 Kuala Lumpur.
Opening hours: Mon-Sat (5.30pm till late) | Close on Sundays.
Tel no: +603 - 7733 9309 | +6012 - 668 4399
Facebook: Torii Malaysia | Website:


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  6. Oh no... drools.... salivating over all those yummy pictures!!!

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