Satisfying Meals @ The Lunch Box

Back in KK, there's no such thing as brunch in my family during the weekend as my parent would definitely wake all of us up on time for the breakfast. Well at here, after the hectic working weekdays, I do feel glad that I could actually sleep longer and woke up a lil bit later than the usual working days. On the Saturday, after woke up and refreshed ourselves, the boyfie and I headed to a rather new place to stuff our extremely hungry tummy at The Lunch Box. It was definitely our brunch for we woke up late and did not have any breakfast yet.

The Lunch Box @ Bandar Sunway
The Lunch Box has two outlets which one located at Bandar Sunway ( opposite of Sunway College ) and another one located at Monash Residency. The one at Monash Residency seems more spacious compare to the one at Bandar Sunway. Without further ado, let me share with you all what we had for our scrumptious brunch with Dylan on the Saturday.
Thai Fried Rice with Beef Steak Balado and Cheese Omelette ( RM 19.50 )
First to served was the Thai Fried Rice with Beef Steak Balado and Cheese Omelette. The Thai fried rice definitely different than the ordinary one which you could try at anywhere for its aromatic fragrant and  it just going to tantalize your taste bud with its flavorful taste. All of us loving the perfectly done cheesy omelette and you could still see the melted cheese and half cooked yolks oozing out from it. As for the beef steak, it tasted good albeit it was overly cooked which tougher to be eaten. Despite of the overly done beef steak, this is certainly highly recommended!

Balinese Fried Rice with Grilled Balinese Spice Chicken and Coleslaw ( RM 12 )
The main course followed by the Balinese Fried Rice with Grilled Balinese Spice Chicken and Coleslaw. Needless to mention about the fragrant Balinese fried rice and it was rather special coleslaw for it was pickled one! To me, the pickled coleslaw is really somewhat appetizing in its way! As for the grilled Balinese spice chicken, it tasted extremely good with the Balinese sauce that kept us nonstop eating it on that day.
Balinese Fried Rice with Grilled Balinese Spice Fish and Coleslaw ( RM 12 )
Next was the Balinese Fried Rice with Grilled Balinese Spice Fish and Coleslaw. With the same concept as previous dish, this time the Balinese fried rice was accompanied with the perfectly grilled fish which is well marinated with Balinese spice and goes well with the pickled coleslaw as well. You might want to pour more homemade Balinese sauce to get the delicious grilled fish taste I bet!

Fried Rice with Balinese Spice Beef Cutlet and Cheese Omelete ( RM 19.50 )
It seems that they are playing mix and match on the foods which were done so well in matching the perfect combination. However, there was something different presented on our table, it was the Fried Rice with Balinese Spice Beef Cutlet and Cheese Omelette. The fried rice was cooked in Chinese way and trust me, this fried rice tasted equally good as others. The beef cutlet, also known as beef patty served in huge portion and poured with the homemade Balinese sauce, a bite of it, you could taste the juiciness of it and how tasty it can be! The cheesy omelette totally complimented this whole meal!

Spicy Spaghetti with Grilled Balinese Spice Chicken ( RM19 )
For those who is not into fried rice, their spaghetti certainly could be your best choice for either brunch or lunch or even dinner! Their Spicy Spaghetti with Grilled Balinese Spice Chicken might looks rather simple to you but again! it just never failed me to fall in love with it for the delicious al dente spaghetti albeit for its spiciness that I can't really handle, and you would never thought the combination of the grilled Balinese chicken with the fried spaghetti could be that good too!

Spicy Spaghetti with Grilled Balinese Spice Fish and Cheese Omelete ( RM 19.50 )
Last but not least, we were served with the Spicy Spaghetti with Grilled Balinese Spice Fish and Cheese Omelette. So, it's another mix and match delicious foods! I would say everything matched quite well in terms of the perfectly blend the taste between each dish. Apart of that, we managed to sample some other of their signature side dishes too!
Cheesy Fried Chicken
Butter Cream Chicken
I would say the Gulai or curry chicken tasted a lil bit too strong of coconut milk and I know that's how it should be and that's made it tasted great as well. Eric seems loving it a lot and even takeaway this dish too! While the Cheesy Fried Chicken is something that I don't mind to have it anytime for its crisp and cheesy tatse! Just so you know that the Butter Cream Chicken is the top choice in The Lunch Box! You may say its just a simple dish but you just have to try it yourself and I guess you would deny the fact of it too!

Soda Gembira ( RM 5 )
Papaya Milk Juice ( RM 4 )
We were absolutely well stuffed and totally satisfied with all the foods we have had for the brunch and there will be next visit for sure. The Soda Gembira as one of the signature drinks at The Lunch Box is truly refreshing with the combination of freezy strawberry and condensed milk and longan fruit too! I wish to try more other foods on my next visit here! And oh! You may check out their Facebook Page or Website for promotions too!

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The Lunch Box
No. 35, PJS 11/9,
46510 Bandar Sunway, Selangor.
Opening hours : Mon-Fri (10am - 9pm), Sat (10am - 8pm), Closed on Sundays
Contact No : +03 - 5637 4773
Facebook : The Lunch Box