Vibrance Kegel Device by Bioinfinity

Last week, I have attended a talk about the introduction of the Vibrance Kegel Device brought by Bioinfinity. Frankly, I was totally no freaking idea what is that? How the device look like and how it's work? It was rather an eye opening knowledge and sort of education to yours truly. 

Yours truly
A set of Vibrance Kegel Device
How many of women out there actually know the importance of their pelvic floor muscles? I have to admit it myself have no idea with it as it is hidden in ourselves. Through this talk, I get to know that pelvic floor muscles weaken for similar reasons to other muscles in our bodies like natural aging and inactivity. However, these particular muscles are further weakened through hormonal changes in women's bodies and especially after pregnancy and childbirth. What's makes it worst? Factors such as additional weight from pregnancy can put pressure on them resulting damaging the pelvic floor muscles. Hence, it is recommended that every women exercise their pelvic floor muscles twice daily in order to keep them fit and healthy.

Ms Lee from Bioinfinity
Puan Suhaila ( Physiotherapist UKMMC )
Ladies, it's important to know where exactly our pelvis floor muscles are and it's important to identify it in order to do the right Kegel exercise. Pelvic floor muscles are 2-3cm from the vagina opening and they are suspended like a hammock between the pubis bone in front and the base of your spinal column in back. Our pelvic floor muscles supports our pelvic floor organs such as bladder, rectum, uterus and other internal organs especially when we are standing or exerting ourselves. It's crucial to have a healthy pelvic floor that keeps pelvic organs in their proper place and the muscles that close the bladder and anus functioning normally. 

VKD user 1

After the speeches, there were also two Vibrance Kegel Device users came up and shared their experience while using it to us. It was such a huge difference and who would thought the huge benefit of using it? A device that could prevent the urine leakage and improves blood circulation and even improvement in their intimate relationship. Moving on, we were brought to the yoga room to learn the Kegel exercise. 

Puan Suhaila demonstrating Kegel exercise
One of the positions in Kegel exercise demo
Not easy huh? >.<
You just gotta do it correctly. It's hard. :[
No, it's not just this, you gotta squeeze your pelvic floor muscle and let it go every 5 seconds
That was my very first time learn about Kegel exercise and too bad I could not do most of the body gestures with my dress on. The Pelvic Floor exercises are important in order to avoid and treat urinary stress incontinence - Involuntary urine leakage due to weakness in pelvic floor muscles, making it difficult for bladder muscle to stay closed during sudden increase in abdominal pressure, such as while coughing, laughing, sneezing or lifting a heavy object. Other than that, you would never believe until you realize you are losing your self esteem, anxiety and depression, toilet mapping, adapting to a less active lifestyle and even avoiding long distance travelling. Why would you want to suffer in these kind of life? 

Stephanie and I
Kelly, mua and Wendy
Cik Lily Putih and I
Evelyn and I
I have to say the Kegel exercises were simple as it actually can be performed in almost any positions which means it can be easily perform in our daily life. The most important thing is you have to identify and knowing where is the pelvic floor muscles and it's definitely going to be effective way! 

Vibrance Kegel Device
If you wonder how it looks like, here you go. This is the Vibrance Kegel Device that introduced by Bioinfinity. It aims to overcome challenges such as women training the wrong muscles during Kegel exercise, no progression in doing Kegel exercise as well as no proper guidance on Kegel exercise. Most importantly, this Vibrance Kegel Device could assist women to get the most of the Kegel exercises comfortable and effectively. I shall let you know more in my next post soon! :D

You could get a set of Vibrance Kegel Device by ordering it online at or visit SHINS outlets as well as major hospitals.

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