Dezigner Solitaire Series by FreshKon

Since ever my first experience with cosmetic lens, I am kinda like it actually albeit of the fear in me of using it long term after read some posting on disadvantages on contact lenses. Seeing the people around me enjoy wearing it especially during some special occasions, it makes them look outstanding always! 

When I get to know about FreshKon comes with their new series - Dezigner - which is towards the unique, groovy and absolutely stunning line, this certainly tempted me to try on them! There are four stunning shades for you to shine yourself - Pink Solitaire, Aqua Solitaire, Orange Solitaire and Green Solitaire. Solitaire is conceptualized to frame the iris in a multi-faceted diamond cut which designed to shine!
Brighten up your look with Aqua!
Look lush in gorgeous Green!
Look lovely in intriguing Orange!
Go girlie with pretty Pink!
Everyone knows I have a perfect eyesight and I am definitely happy for I can choose two colors to try on! Since am not a regular cosmetic lens user, I managed to get one of the hot guy to sample on it too! He's definitely someone who love cosmetic lenses and he has perfect eyesight too! Well, you would definitely want to know what's the different between FreshKon lens compare to others right?

FreshKon Dezigner - Solitaire series
Pink Solitaire
Price : RM 65 /box
Water content : 55%
Diameter : 14.2 mm
Base curve : 8.6mm

Yours truly with Pink Solitaire
Intially, I wondered how is it going to shine out with the soft pink color until I try it on my eyes! To be honest, I found it a lil bit difficult to put it up, am not sure if it's due to am not used to it or it just much softer than the one I have tried last time. But hey! I can totally see the different of my eyes here! What surprised me was it was really comfortable on my eyes and I can feel the moisture in my eyes too!

The pink might be soft by the first glance of it but it is indeed shine through after put it on. The color is bright and totally in love with the unique pattern designed on it which truly brings the stunning look which has been desired by all of us especially the youngsters! Shall we look into Noel with the Aqua Solitaire?

Noel with Aqua Solitaire on his eyes
Does he looks like any Korean guy with this Aqua Solitaire? I've been seeing him with his lenses and I have to say this Aqua Solitaire stand out most for the bright and shining shade on his eyes. Even himself telling me it's comfy on his eyes albeit the color way too bright to him. Ahh well, perhaps he is just not used with the new shade yet?

Psst! Don't you think camwhore with this FreshKon Dezigner Solitaire series would give you more confidence? I believe cosmetic lens are meant for fashion and somehow it boost up one self esteem, one can definitely stand and shine with this new series launched by FreshKon. "My Design, My Signature!" - Why don't grab them to match and complete your look as well as creating your signature personality today?! Be lovely or be cheeky? It is all up to you!

P/S : RSP for Dezigner lens is RM 65 and Freshkon is having a nationwide promotion of Buy 2 Free 1!