QQ Snowmix @ Bandar Puteri Puchong

Dessert always the top in my list and I would not mind to go for it anytime! It always best to cure my tensions and please give me dessert anytime when you see my moody face kay? So, we actually went to QQ Snowmix to try on what they are offering there!
QQ Snowmix @ Bandar Puteri Puchong
Interior of QQ Snowmix
I always love to enjoy the chilling dessert in a warm and cozy ambiance place and I do love how spacious it is at QQ Snowmix here. And oh! Do you know that you can get a drink at RM 1 with any purchase of desserts during the weekdays from 1pm  - 8pm? If you're staying nearby, why not grab one?
Taipei Big Big ( RM 24.90 )
The first presented on the table was the Taipei Big Big which served in such a huge bowl that can be shared up to 5 pax or maybe more! With this bowl of goodness dessert, you and friends could enjoy the three different types of ice base which are the Grass Jelly Ice, Soya Ice and Taro Ice. Not only that, it comes with  generous amount of 12 toppings. It is best to order especially when you're in a group and do not know which to order I bet! 
Tempura ( RM 5.90 )
Taiwan Egg and Hotdog Roll ( RM 4.50 )
Taiwan Egg and Chicken Roll ( RM 5.50 )
Taiwanese Style Fried Chicken ( RM 6.50 )
Taiwan Sweet Potato Stick ( RM 2.50 )
After the huge bowl of dessert, we had some Taiwanese light snacks. If you ask me, I would not mind to have more of Tempura, Taiwanese Style Fried Chicken and the Taiwan Sweet Potato Stick for the crispiness of each bites I enjoyed albeit of the saltiness in it. These kind of light snacks definitely can be addictive at time! As for the Taiwan Egg and Hotdog Roll and Taiwan Egg and Chicken Roll was rather tasteless to my taste bud. Well, now let's look into what are the desserts in store for us! 

Best Seller Grass Jelly Ice Series ( RM 6.90 )
I believe Taiwanese desserts are no longer foreign to everyone of us and just so you know that the Grass Jelly Ice Series is the best seller in QQ Snowmix! This bowl of grass jelly ice series topped with the grass jelly, QQ taro as well as black creamer. It is perfect during the hot sunny day of course!

Soya Ice Series with QQ Taro, Pearls and Barley ( RM 6.50 )
For soya lover, you could always go for the Soya Ice Series and get your desired toppings when you crave for it. As for this one, it comes with the grass jelly, QQ taro, pearls and barleys. To have the fine soya ice while enjoy the chewiness of QQ taro and pearls, that's how you enjoy your bowl of dessert I supposed! :p

Taro Ice Series ( RM 6.50 )
Apart from the Grass Jelly Ice series and Soya Ice series, QQ Snowmix offers another type of ice series which called Taro Ice series! This is something different from other dessert shop and I instantly in love with it for its fragrant taro ice and tasted so great just by itself. Not to mention that it topped with the Taipei Pudding, QQ Taro and Red Beans. I am definitely going to order this during my next visit for sure!

Lemon Jade Jelly Ice ( RM 5.50 )

Sea Amber Jelly Ice with Pearls ( RM 6.90 )
There are Lemon Jade Jelly Ice and Sea Amber Jelly Ice with Pearls at QQ Snowmix too! Needless to mention that both these dessert would be more on ladies' favorite! I especially love the sourness of lemon jade jelly ice and it kinda refreshing too!

Taiwan Grass Jelly Snow series ( RM 6.90 )
If you prefer something like crushed ice, you may go for this Taiwan Grass Jelly Snow series. The texture of the grass jelly ice is rather rough and it comes with the QQ Taro, pearls, kidney beans and glutinous rice. It can be more cooling during the hot afternoon. 

Douhua series ( RM 5.90 )
Taiwan Grass Jelly Soup with QQ Taro, Pearls and Peanuts ( RM 6.90 )
Taiwan Black Sesame Soup with Japanese Matcha Soup and QQ Taro ( RM 6.50 )
If you're not into cold dessert, why not give a try on their hot desserts? And perhaps to have desserts on the cold rainy days? The Douhua series comes with various toppings of red beans, pearls, peanuts, jelly and white fungus. While the Taiwan Grass Jelly Soup comes with peanuts, QQ Taro and pearls were definitely smooth down to the throat. I do love the unique taste of Taiwan Black Sesame Soup with Japanese Matcha Soup and QQ taro.

Assorted refreshing drinks @ QQ Snowmix
If you rather have some bubble teas or drinks, fret not, there's always various choices of beverages offered by QQ Snowmix! The wide range of selection on desserts, light snacks and beverages in QQ Snowmix certainly great to satisfy one's craving at anytime!

QQ Snowmix
No. 48, Jalan Puteri 1/4,
Bandar Puteri Puchong, 47100 Selangor.
Operating Hours : Sun-Thurs ( 12.30pm - 11pm ) / Fri-Sat (1pm - 12am )
Contact No : +03 - 8052 3133
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