ZALORA Outfit Makeover Contest

I've been hearing about ZALORA since the past few months and tell you that I've been falling in love with all the items selling at Zalora site! They are all worth loving items that can turn you into such fashionista babe! I've been looking from dresses to pants to skirts to shoes to accessories and how I wish I can afford to get them all.  I believe most of you are aware of their latest contest - Zalora Outfit Makeover!

Watcha waiting for peeps! Come and let's together join Zalora Outfit Makeover contest to stand a chance to win up to RM 1500 worth of top-to-toe outfit makeover! What's more? If I could win this, my lucky reader will get the same too! All you need to do is just comment and tell why you need a makeover outfit too!

Here's a list of loves that I wish to have if I won the RM1500 Outfit Makeover Contest!

Tri-OS - Tube Top Jumpsuit with Gold Studs ( RM 148 )
** I love something simple and jumpsuit is really comfy to wear on especially during casual outing!

Kate's Closet by Intoxi-Kate - Brit Kimono style Cardigan ( RM 69 )
** Cardigan always an excuse for me to wear something sleeveless especially to the office! :p

Quirky Brown Cow - Neon Polka Dress ( RM 89 )
** I know I can look simply cute with this polka dress. :p

Kate's Closet by Intoxi-Kate - Lilo Tube Maxi Dress ( RM 349 )
** Simple Maxi Dress like this could give me the elegant look that I desired.

ZIP - Mini skirt ( RM 16 )
** Always love mini skirt and this red mini skirt could give me sexy look anytime! :p

Living Doll - Belle Skirt ( RM 129.95 )
** I wish to have it for I do not have this in my closet! I would love to try on it and match it in my own style!

Monday to Sunday - Sheer Wide Leg Pants ( RM 79 )
** Simply one of a kind and I know it can be easily match with any of my favorite tops! ;)

Mimpikita - Palazzo Pants ( RM 90 )
** Going to work with this definitely can make you look hotter than the boring working attire! :p

Sometime - Camberley Messenger Bag ( RM 79 )
** Easy to carry and I know one can look trendy with this messenger bag! :D

Sometime - Amara Shopper Bag ( RM 79 )
** Holding this to work or attending events would catch everyone's attention, I bet! :p

Seven Seconds - Wedge Sandals ( RM 159.90 )
** Always love wedge sandals for it is more comfy to wear and this just simply great!

Christy Ng - Jasmine Red Beige Ballerine Flats ( RM120 )
** With this ballerine flat, you know you could looks simply cute be it with your little dress or shorts. :p

Chic Chic - Multi colored necklace ( RM 29.90 )
** Simple multi colored necklace would give you a chic look anytime!

Chic Chic - Green colored ring ( RM 59.90 )
** Always love to have simply unique ring in my collection and it could spice up the look to match with my outfit anytime!

TOTAL : RM 1497.65 ( 14 Items )

I want to win this outfit makeover contest for I know I really need to change the way I wear and gain more confidence from it! Just so you know when you just do not know how to mix and match the right clothes! If I win, I do really hope ZALORA perhaps could suggest which outfit is suit for me? I would be very very happy! And I do really wish to get one of the lucky reader to join me too!

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