Unlimited Flavours Of The Ocean @ The Apartment's, The Curve

To dine in somewhere that makes you feel home, a comfortable and warm cozy ambiance for you to enjoy your foods, why not go to the apartment ? Don't get me wrong, The Apartment, with restaurant and bar dining concept and furnished with similar furniture that you placed at your comfy home or perhaps your apartment too! 

For the month of April, the apartment restaurant & bar has launched The Chef Series with the theme of Unlimited Flavours of The Ocean which considered as the first part of the whole idea. The first menu kicked start in April and featuring an array of seafood creations to satisfy the cravings of seafood lovers in the city, just like yours truly. As mentioned few times, yours truly definitely enjoy venturing and enjoy fresh seafood in town for it's just hard to get one at KL compared to KK! Yours truly certainly glad to be part of them to get to sample the dishes for The Chef Series this round. 

Oyster Shot ( RM 11.90 )
Our dinner started with Oyster Shot, fresh oyster with lime and mango shot. If you know me, I would always avoid to have raw oyster down to my throat after my unpleasant experience  of eating it last time. Frankly, I was quite reluctant to have it that night and planned to just let Eric to finish it one go. However, seeing others enjoy it very much, and to my surprised, the oyster smell fresh and not that kind of fishy smell. While everyone had it one shot, I actually enjoyed sipping it! The strong taste of lime and mango certainly made it taste wonder!

Stuffed Squid ( RM 25.90 )
The Stuffed Squid, being part of the menu, not only look good in presentation but also tasted good as it is. A plateful of two huge baked squid stuffed with herbs rice, served with okra and seafood gumbo. The level of chewiness of both squids were just right and you could enjoy the herbs rice within it for every bites, dipped it with the delicious seafood gumbo sauce made it taste greater!

Almond Crusted Cod ( RM 64.90 )
Next was the crowds' favorite of the night! The Almond Crusted Cod Fillet served with clams beurre blanc and tomato confit. I always love the flaky flesh of the cod fish and it was my very first time to try something unique, I would never thought the almond crust on the cod fillet were so fragrant and brings out the aromatic combination flavor of the whole dish. Needless to mention how the clams beurre blanc and tomato confit that gave a hint of sweetness has made the perfection of this dish! This is definitely a must try dish at here!

Pan Fried Snapper ( RM 39.90 )
You know I know, fresh snapper is popular for its delicate flavors and it is best to be cooked in pan fried way always the best! The Pan Fried Snapper served with couscous and lemon butter. If you ask me, this would be rather simple yet delicious dish to go for. Somehow I love how the taste of lemon on it. 

Surf 'n' Turf ( RM 43.90 )
Apart of the seafood, we were served with Surf 'n' Turf! This is something different for those I have tried at other places for it's not fully seafood turfing on the plate! It was the sirloin steak cuts served with au jus, garlic, chilis, honey glazed tiger prawns lied on the bed of mashed potatoes. It was delish and the huge tiger prawn is a favorite of mine for sure!

Jamie's Duck Pasta ( RM 27.90 )
Being a pasta lover myself, I was so happy to see Jamie's Duck Pasta was part of the dinner as well. The al dente fettuccine with shredded slow-cooked duck and tomato red wine ragout and topped with toasted pine nuts. As unique as it is, tasted great as well. If you love duck meat and would love to try something special other than ordinary pasta, give this a try! 

Tossed Plain Pasta

If you love your pasta to be plain and perhaps cooked in alio style, you would surely love this Tossed Plain Pasta! It is just simply plain yet you could taste the how the flavor burst in your mouth and oh! with the amount of chili flakes in it, it's way too spicy for me to handle. 

Prawn Capellini ( RM 33.90 )

Another plate of pasta presented on our table was the Prawn Capellini, served with three huge tiger prawns. The capellini pasta was cooked and simply tossed with lemon zest, garlic, olive oil and marjoram and there you go! We're all enjoy eating it with the three succulent tiger prawns of course!

English Lamb Curry ( RM 32.90 )

Aside from all the western dishes, you could always opt for the English Lamb Curry which is still quite new in their menu for Asian flavor. The special briyani rice served with a huge portion of slow braised lamb, hard boiled egg, carrot raita ( yoghurt ) and cashew nuts. I love how tender the lamb meat texture and it's quite appetizing at times! By this time, we were all quite stuffed but yes! Our tummy always have room for all the sinful desserts.

Brulee ( RM 13.90 )

Eventhough how much I love it, I could not take it much the strong milky taste and for my body lactose intolerant. I know it was such a waste! Though I could not deny how much I enjoy the hard layer of burn caramel top of the rich custard of this Brulee! And yes! This is part of The Chef Series too! 

Buah Melaka ( RM 12.90 )

Another choice of desserts in The Chef Series - Buah Melaka. There's five little cute palm sugar dumpling served with coconut ice cream on a plate. This is definitely something traditional I would say, simply delectable.

Banana Layered Cake ( RM 13.90 )
Chocolate Cake ( RM 16.90 ) 
Signature Red Velvet Cake ( RM 16.90 )
Homemade Carrot Cake with Mascarpone cream and Carrot Syrup ( RM 16.90 )

We were all pampered with those yummylicious cakes and they were so great that I wish to have it everyday especially when I'm in tense! Every little bites of it brings happiness and you would know how amazingly great are those taste. Each cakes with its unique flavors - Banana Layered Cake with each fluffy and fragrant banana taste layer of cakes; Chocolate Cake which is rich in chocolate taste that could easily melt in your mouth; Signature Red Velvet Cake with generous layer of cheese in between of the fluffy layer definitely brings joy to your heart and the Homemade Carrot Cake that accompanied with mascarpone cream and carrot syrup definitely going to taste uniquely in your mouth. 

Raspberry Chocolate Mousse Cake
The Raspberry Chocolate Mousse Cake would be second most favorite for the night! Yours truly simply love the creamy, light yet very chocolaty mousse cake! I could finish it all just by myself!

Baked Chocolate Pudding ( RM 16.90 )

Last but not least, we completed our hearty dinner with the heavenly dessert - Baked Chocolate Pudding! The moist chocolate pudding with a burst of coffee in the centre served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream certainly something to die for! Mind you, it takes approximately 15-20 minutes to prepare this dessert and dessert definitely worth to wait for! 

Sinfully delicious!

This dessert tackled and won my heart for the night for it's warm rich chocolate taste, accompanied with the vanilla ice cream, it was just awesome! It was such a joy get to try all the delicious foods at the apartment restaurant & bar and thumbs up for the creative creations of each dishes. I would not mind to come back for the foods and desserts and enjoy myself in this homely setting restaurant. 

** The Unlimited Flavours of The Ocean (part 1) menu is available every day throughout the month of April from 11am onwards @ KLCC and 6pm onwards @ The Curve. The price ranges RM11.90++ to RM39.90++ as  a-la-carte or an entire 4 course meal which includes the amuse bouche, appetizer, main and dessert at RM79.90++. With every purchase of the set meal, patrons can also pair the dishes with a glass of Frontera Chardonnay wine at RM15++ or a bottle for RM75++.

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