My mom called me on the Monday's evening and I rejected the call for am still busy with my stuffs and when Eric came to me and told me that my mom called him and informed him about my grandma passed away, do you actually know how I felt at that time?

Tears falling down, speechless at a time, do not know what to do, that's how I was at that time. 

Eric the one who busy helped me to contact AirAsia to change my ticket's date to the next morning. I called my mom and she was crying, that's made me felt more bad for not being there for them. 

Being back to home, am glad. I saw grandma was all dressed up, she looks so pretty in the white gown. Looking at her, she looked like just sleeping, I hardly believe that she's no longer with us at here. I can't imagine how grandpa and mom take this as they are the ones who close to grandma. They almost fainted during the funeral day.

Though, there's few things bothered me all the way here. I can't bear with those hypocrite people who claimed themselves the one who taking care my grandma all the time when they don't even dare to touch and clean grandma. Can you imagine they actually asked grandpa to clean and change grandma's diapers all the time? If grandpa didn't do it, they won't do that. 

Like seriously, I couldn't bear with they badmouthing about my mom never take care of grandma. Excuse me, all the while, grandma and grandpa staying with us, who the hell are you talking about we never take care of grandma? And, my mom everyday clean and bathe grandma, ALL BY HERSELF, while NONE OF YOU actually ever do it? You guys even FORCED grandma to move to your bloody place and just lock her in a room with nobody accompany her? Is that what you called as taking care of her? None of you willing to stay overnight at hospital for her, no am not complaining about how I actually accompanied her at night at hospital at that time and morning rush to college again, like everyday? 

After her surgeries, none of you willing to come and help my mom to clean her wound while my mom was pregnant and almost the time to deliver my sister? *LOL* And the funniest thing was, you guys only took her away after her wound fully recovered, which was 1 year plus a bit ago? I was shocked to see my grandma suddenly turned very skinny within ONE YEAR only you know? What you guys did now was badmouthing behind my mom, and you guys even made fun jokes with grandma's death. Playing around with her photo some more!

What more funny is you guys had to share money to take care of grandma, while all the while, my mom alone taking care of her without asking any money from you guys? I didn't know taking care of own mother is like that eh! And oh, I recently knew how people celebrates their Mother's day by having some party while isolating their mom in the room. 

I do believe in karma, may God bless you all. Stop telling lies around as truth will reveal soon.

Grandma, may you rest in peace. :)
We know you're always be with us.