Amber Chia Academy

Amber Chia, being a well known international model and actress, no one could deny for she also being one of the most recognizable celebrity. She had gone through a long journey with many obstacles and finally her efforts paid off and all of us can see how successful she is now! 

Have you heard about Amber Chia Academy? Amber Chia Academy is the brainchild of Amber Chia and its aim to share a wealth of experience and knowledge in an upbeat and creative style that will transform the way models model, revolutionize the way makeup artists makeup and re-invent the way photographers photograph. 

There are THREE main courses offered by Amber Chia Academy which are the Modeling Courses, Makeup Courses and Photography Courses. Both males and females are welcome to join the courses! So, watcha waiting for? Sign up and let's the experienced Gurus to guide you! 

Amber Chia Academy 3 Hours Workshop

Being one of the sponsor/partner for Project O&O in searching Malaysia's First Youth Ambassador, contestants given opportunity to go for grooming course at Amber Chia Academy. At here, where they learn to do the catwalk with style and also in much proper way on the runway. I believe the one who can walk with various styles with confidence is someone who can actually caught the crowd's attention.

amber chia academy training

Well, have you get your ticket to the Grand Finale? Let us support and see who's going to conquer the runway and who's going to be the Malaysia First Youth Ambassador! 

P/S: Above pictures credited to Amber Chia Academy and Project O&O