Pentax Camera on my mind...

I love taking pictures.. not just myself but also people, things, places, or you might just say it almost everything.
I snap pictures for the memories of each memorable moments, beautiful and remarkable places, delicious food and beverages, just to write and share it. I love doing it and perhaps I just wanted to compile everything and one day when I look back to all of it, it surely going to give me some bittersweet memories. That's how I feel each time I read back all my previous posts, I did smile. How about you? Have you ever spend some time read back and reminiscing the past through you posts?

Recently, I was in love with the Pentax camera. Frankly, I do not really know much about Pentax camera but after check through their website, I love them so much for their colorful cameras. Not just the compact but DSLRs too!

20 body colors, 5 grip colors
Standard colors
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To a girl like me, I would love to have some fancy color DSLR compare to the plain ordinary black one. This PENTAX K-x offers 100 different colors for body-and-grip color combination and each of it will fitted with a matching lens, and that's what we called produced high quality photography in your favorite color! 

Reasons to have this PENTAX K-x :
Each of everyone of us will have own preferences of everything, for camera, I believe some prefer compact camera and some prefer DSLR camera. And I believe some have both! As for me, no doubt that I love DSLR camera but somehow I much prefer the compact one. I found it much easier when I can just put it inside my handbag and it's not as heavy as the DSLR.

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There's one of the PENTAX's compact camera that caught my attention! The credit-card sized body - Pentex Optio RS1000! What makes it different from other digital compact cameras is user can customize the front panel design that suit their style or occasion. It is featured with a large 3.0 inch LCD monitor and produced high resolution images with 14 megapixels. You may check it HERE for more details about this model.
Picture credited to Pentax Malaysia
I love both PENTAX's compact camera and DSLR camera, but since Eric own a DSLR so whats all I need now is the compact camera. I know that RS1000 is the ideal one for me! Later on, I found out there's a contest run by Project O&O and one of the prizes is Pentax RS1000! I would love to try my luck to get it. 

There's so much more awesome prizes for the Online King & Queen contest, I don't need to be the king or queen, I just wants to win the RS1000! Anyway, do you know that blog post is not compulsory for this contest? You don't need to be a blogger to join this, you may just TWEET or POST FACEBOOK STATUS to earn points and you're getting closer to be the winner of Online King & Queen contest.