San Shu Gong, Melaka

I've been hearing numerous people telling me that if you visit Malacca, must try their Cendol! Right, after the Malacca Rover Cruise, am getting exhausted and thanks so much for the hot sun too, we stopped by at this place named San Shu Gong for our lunch. Am tempted to try their Durian Cendol too!

San Shu Gong
Closer view of San Shu Gong
Upon entering the restaurant, I saw many cute stuffs were displayed inside too. I was glad to enter there for the cooling air conditioner. I didn't see anything that I wanted to eat at there and what I want was their durian cendol.

I don't know what is this but its pretty impressive for someone who made it. Don't you think so?
And.. I also doesn't not know what inside it. Anyone know?? We're quite unlucky as there's no more empty table and we had to go upstair and sat outdoor.
We ordered the durian cendol at there and eric bought some "Amoy" pancake at there too. You can easily spot the Amoy pancake ( in fish shape ) and their so-called famous durian cendol in the menu.
Natural Wheatgrass with Honey ( RM 4.80 )
So, here is the Durian Cendol. I found it quite cute for they presented it this way. You know, I mean the durian shape thingy. And you can see the word - DON'T MISS! on it too!
I opened it and well there's the shaved ice and just gotta dig everything and mix it well. 
I couldn't wait to try it and when it melted in my mouth, it was just a so-so taste only. So, I wondered what's that to shout about this durian cendol? I think we can just simply get it anywhere at here. Eric told me the one he tried before in Melaka is at Jonker Walk. However, am just get too exhausted and well at least it cooled me down after the walk under the hot sun. 
Some people told me that there's actually nothing good on the cendol as the most crucial part is their "gula Melaka". We all know that Malacca is famous with their Gula Melaka and its originate from there. Though I had to say the taste of the gula Melaka in this cendol is not strong enough to make it a star. Alright enough with that as I found one tasted much nicer than this at the end!
Have you seen any pancake in fish shape? That was my first time too. It's cute! 
This is Amoy! Anyway, the color doesn't look similar as on the menu though. This one looks slightly burnt? Lol! Alright it's not burnt. 
Caroline holding "Amoy"
A first to look at it, it looks sooo cute! One bite of it, err it's kinda too thick to my liking. Am not trying to be picky but everyone has their own preferences in foods. To me, I would want my pancake with more fillings than just the plain thick pancake. 
Ethan eating "Amoy"
And yes you can see that Ethan love it very much. He enjoyed eating it and had the second one too. I will never say it not nice as its up to one's favorite. That's all what we had at San Shu Gong before Eric and I continue with exploring the city of Malacca. After we visited the Kota A'Famosa, we proceed to the Jonker Walk and finally we found the best Durian Cendol in town!
Yummylicious Durian Cendol
It might not looking as good as the one at San Shu Gong but looking at it already can know how delicious it is! The durian smell is very strong and there you are! You can see the gula Melaka on it too! 
I would say this one, much nicer and most probably one of the best in town? Mind you, that shop is too packed and we had to wait for few minutes to get table for us. Finally, I could agree that Malacca do really has the best cendol and of course its due to their gula Melaka too,as other claimed.