MM : 0330 by U-Kiss

I've been crying too much for the last two days, I guess?
I hated it very much. Don't worry as am over it now, I guess.
For those who asked especially Mariuca and Foong, thanks very much for the cares!
( But sorry haven't email and cc yet!! hahahaha!! )

My days on last week were all totally screwed up, ranted quite lots in twitter till I don't have the time for twitter, facebook and even blogging?? 
Anyway, am always appreciating those who actually helped me face it and go through it. You know who you are. Thanks!

Can you actually see how terrible my eyes looks like after cried one night? Anyway, rewarded with cotton candy! *yay*
So, we're entering another new week and of course am wishing for something bright...
And someone told me we learn something new by experience, by mistake, which is so true.
I almost forgot what's my goal and now I know I just have to prepare myself for more challenges, stay tough in facing obstacles that coming to me. 
I can't afford to disappoint those who are at my back supporting me in everything.
Alright, enjoy the new song from U-Kiss - 0330 !

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