Casa del Rio, Melaka.

Does anyone actually know what's Casa del Rio stands for? Casa for House/Home ; del for of the/by the ; Rio for River. Casa del Rio stands for Home by the River in Spanish. Upon entering this, I first thought Casa del Rio is something like a castle as the entrance arch just look like those olden castle one. I was amazed by it.
Entrance Arch of Casa del rio
Just so you know that Casa del Rio, comprises of 66 luxury and spacious rooms, rated 5 star hotel in town is a newly opened boutique hotel in Malacca. It  is located strategically stone throw away with most of the main attractions in Malacca like Jonker Walk, Malacca River Cruise, etc.

Eric and I attended the launching day of this hotel to join Merryn and the family. We as the visitors, required to fill up the registration form to join the hotel tour. Yes everyone can join it! After filled up the form, you'll be given a red color wristband.
Registration Form to join the Hotel Tour
Done with registration and we had to wait at the waiting area for our turn. Though there is something caught my attention!
"Mustang" the Iguana
Caroline &Mustang
Stephen & Caroline
I stopped my steps when I saw that iguana lying down at there, but then only found out it was own by Stephen! It was great meeting up and saying hello to his pet, Mustang. I was afraid to get near it and couldn't believe I touched it with my own hand and snapped a picture with Mustang!
Fountain in the middle of the "Lago"
Merryn and Caroline
Later on, we met up with Merryn! She's from Malacca, so what's on my mind was she MUST bring me around this historic city of Malacca. Anyway, it turned out pretty well.
Merryn and "Mr Corn"
I always love meeting up with Merryn and family for their cute little boy, Ethan! Alright, we knew that Merryn loves camera, am doubting if the husband is a camera shy! There he is, he's showing the corn instead of himself.
The launching day seems like a carnival, and why I said so? Clowns everywhere, foods and drinks were served too! I saw everyone, alright those kids I meant, holding balloons! Clowns making cute balloons for everyone and I got myself poodle and flower from this first clown! 

The clowns are all very friendly and playful of course! They entertained all the guests by making cute balloons for them. Right, am wondering if am the only adult who asking clown to make balloons for me? 
Caroline and Eric with flower
Since Ethan boy was kinda grumpy that day, I'd asked the clown if can make him one. William requested him to make a cat but ... He ended up made a CAP instead of CAT! So the cap ended up on Eric's head and later given to another guest. Mr Clown then make another cat for lil Ethan.

Eric with balloon cap
After that, we can actually hear some laughter from Ethan! Though the cat is in blue color. Anyway, I met another clown and this one made me a very special balloon which none of the guest had it before. It's a huge love rod and he asked me if Eric and I are couple, I nodded and he made another two poodles kissing on the love rod!
Cool and Funky Clown
Love rod with two poodles
The most happy girl for the day
Another surprise from the clown was when I back from the washroom, I saw there is a purple flower on the love rod! Eric told me that the clown made another flower for it when am away. Then, there's so many other guest requested for the exact same balloon like the one he made for me. Busy day for him! My bad?

Waffle Cone
Caroline with two friendly staffs at Casa del Rio
Oh yea, each of the guest that joined the hotel tour will be given an ice cream! If I not mistaken, Merryn told me it was homemade one. Love the vanilla ice cream much.

Tiger and Guinness beer in Bar Rio

I guess if I got the chance to stay here, I would probably love the Bar Rio the most for it cozy ambiance. BarRio serves beers, cocktails and even Soju and Sake. It will be a great place to chilling in especially at night while enjoying the night view from the bar for it is located at the river side. Anyway, I've took some chances to do candid shot for this lovely family!
Mr Shy
Ethan must be wondering why daddy so shy while mommy enjoy when comes to pictures taking part!
Caroline at riverside
River Cruise
If only the weather for that day not too hot, am pretty sure would enjoy the breath taking view at the riverside at there. We can see lot boats passing by for their river cruise. We then decided to go for it since Ethan wanted to go for it so badly.

I guess this picture well explained why it is named Casa del Rio. Each rooms has own private balconies overlooking the river or the Lago. And... oh later I just found out its sister hotel - Casa del Mar(Home by the Sea) at Langkawi! What do you think about Casa del Rio?? I myself would love to stay in this hotel if I have the chance to! 

Casa del Rio Melaka
88, Jalan Kota Laksamana
75200 Melaka
Tel: +60 6 289 6888
Fax: +60 6 289 6999
Website : Casa del Rio

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