Melaka River Cruise

Still remember my short day trip at Malacca?? Well after the visit at Casa del Rio hotel, we then proceed to our next activity which is the Melaka River Cruise. It was a very very hot day and knowing that there's no way for you to drive the car for there's limited parking space at there, we walked. Thank God for the short walking distance to there. 

Melaka River Cruise
The jetty of the river cruise located at the opposite of the Casa del Rio hotel. We walked and just did a U-turn to get there. I saw lotsa beautifully decorated trishaws all the way to get there though we never ride on it.

Ticket entry for the river cruise
We purchased our tickets and waited for some few more peoples to go for the cruise. The reason is because it needs minimum 8 person before tour operates. Fret not, it doesn't take long and am kinda surprised that each boat are full with pax!
Eric getting into the boat
I would expect something more on the cruise as I do really want to know what this cruise all about and why many people go for this. I think it's more on educational cruise to me though. Ohyea, this cruise going to take you approximately 45minutes. 
Ethan with Goldfish look?
Ethan seems so happy when he's on the boat. Reason simply was he has had patiently waited for this moment! He wasn't grumpy anymore as before and enjoyed the cruise along the way. 

Merryn and husband
Caroline and Eric
That was everybody's first time to go for this cruise. When it starts moving, to my disappointment, the river is kinda dirty. I mean we can actually see some rubbish there? And when the water start splashing into the boat, it smells stink! *euuww* The situation makes me kinda not comfy sitting on it. 
River bank
And when the boat moving further, we was wondering why there's no one trying to explain places that we passed by? As they seem so significant especially when it resembling this historical city of Malacca. That's the time when I start feeling a lil bit boredom. 
Kids who joined the cruise
There's a group of kids with some adults and I guess they were having some trip for this. Well, what can I guess more seeing those kids in their uniforms? The boat moved quite fast to the end and made a U-turn and when I thought that's going to be the end, so that's it? 

Jambatan Pasar
The moment the boat returning back to the jetty, then only know that it was a recorded commentaries river cruise. The boat started moving slowly, each of places well explained and that's the time all of us can really enjoy while learning some important history of Malacca. It's pretty interesting! Just so you know that I dislike History subject, but it would be much easier if everything is like this! Let me share some pictures of places that we saw during the cruise.

Cool graffiti painting on the row of shops 
The Eye of Malaysia

Mangroves tree along the way to prevent erosion of the river banks

Many bridges along the river banks
Flowers decorated along the bridge side
Buildings that can be seen during the cruise
Coconut trees waving to us

After all, it was a pretty much interesting cruise. I enjoyed the sightseeing and would love to go for the night cruise next time when we visit Malacca again, well I just don't like the hot sun at daytime. 


Venue: The Malacca River jetty in front of the Quayside Heritage Centre. 

Departs daily from 9am to 11.30pm

Ticket: Adult RM10, child below 12: RM5

Group Tour: RM400 per boat. Can be arranged by calling Malacca River Cruise at 06-281 4322 or cruise guide Bernard Kenneth Gooting at 012-9127210