DIY Manicure | nail it! with bloop

I have a complete set of manicure tools and I can do it myself with all the cleansing, removing cuticles and dead skins, buff my nails, etc. :D I applied a layer of strengthening polish prior before I applied another layer of base coat, then only apply my favorite pale pink nail polish from OPI. This is the only shade that I can repurchase over and over again! 

Once it dried, I used to tweezer to take off the nail art sticker and start to stick it on my nails. Trust me, it’s super duper easy to do it! After you’re done with the nail art sticking, you can leave it that way, but I prefer to seal it with another top coat polish in order for it to last longer. You can get your preferred bloop's nail stickers on HiSHOP now! :D