Chill Friday Night @ Senses Club, Petaling Jaya

I have been comparing my not-so-new working place at PJ8 building area with my previous working place for I am not able to do any window shopping or grab my daily fix of my favorite Gongcha bubble tea or even go for happy hour during one of those nights without having to actually drive out from Midvalley area. Well, not anymore, I mean at least for now. :p 

Senses Club
Last week, when the former colleagues actually called up for a hangout session at Senses Club which happened to be very near to my working place, I was really quite surprised to find that there's a place for us to enjoy the happy hour especially on the Friday night! Well, I tagged along with few close colleagues of mine to check out Senses Club, who knows it can be our favorite hangout happy hour place. We had our dinner at one of the restaurants nearby for the awesome braised duck rice and headed to Senses Club to chill out while waiting for the rest to come and heat up the club.
The Entrance
Bar Counter
The setting @ Senses Club
Senses Club, located in the heart of Petaling Jaya can be easily found just by the roadside, it's in the Kelab Palazzo building itself. The parking space is quite limited though. We were all greeted warmly by them and loving how spacious and comfy it is to be inside there. Let's check out what's they are offering to the guest. 

Ally, Caroline & Nicole
Philip, Ally and Nicole
Ally and Nicole just like sisters to me while Philip is our so-called guardian that make sure we are all good in the office! :P Spending the night with them after the work was certainly a once in a blue moon moment for us. 

Cranberry Juice
Guava Juice
Frozen Mango Flavored Margarita 
Blue Lagoon

Yours truly & Nicole
Philip & Ally
Both Guava and Cranberry juices were so fresh with difference of sourish and sweetness on each drink. Margarita will be always my most favorite drink while Nicole enjoyed the Blue Lagoon which all of us agreed on how smooth it was to the throat. 

A picture with the person in charge of the night
We were all treated so warmly and nicely at that night and been offered to try on few of their signature drinks! How pampered it was! Apart from the beverages, Senses Club do serve some light snack and delicious foods for the guest to stuff themselves while enjoy the night. 

Light Snacks
Spicy Stir Fried Anchovies with Onions
Fishballs and meatballs platter
Ladies with the foods!
We enjoyed having the light snacks to accompanied with the drinks, munching while do the talking, oh so great! Oh yes, the signature beer food at Senses Club would be the super spicy fried anchovies! Gosh, it was so appetizing yet way too spicy for us to handle it. 

Philip with his "My Style" drink
It's certainly not just simple background music and drinks and foods time at Senses Club! You could enjoy the live band starting from 9.30pm onwards, you will be well entertained by their lovely voice and great music. What a perfect chilling night moment!

Live Band
Bill showing his skill!
A game between Bill, Boyan and Iris
Obviously, guest could enjoy themselves to play the pool games provided there too! Tell me how great is that to get to enjoy your favorite drink, accompanied with the live band and playing the pool game with the bunch of good friends! 


Classis Margarita with light snack
Fries with chicken
There's so many option of foods available at Senses Club ranging from simple light snacks to pasta that surely can cater to your appetite. Well, I'm looking forward for the day they offer lunch set so that the colleagues and I could enjoy some nice food at a new place instead of our usual lunch spot. :p

Boyan, Cassie, Stacey, Dave and Bill
Caroline & Bok
Kian Fai & Connie
Iris & Tony
Bill & Caroline
Stacey & Caroline
Caroline & Boyan
So much fun for the night that I chose to leave early for a lil sickish feeling. Well, I don't mind going back for maybe a glass of my favorite margarita on one of those nights. :D

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Senses Club
Level 1, No.23, Jalan 8/1D,
Section 8, Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel: +6 03 - 7957 7702
Fax: +6 03 - 7957 9702