My Must Have Coach Holiday 2012!

It's Sunday and I've been busy with tons of stuff. No, am not complaining but enjoyed the busy-ness that I'm having now. :D But, I know that there's some thing that I am not supposed to miss out or else I will be regret after this. 

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Since ever I get to know about Coach Holiday 2012 Collection, I can't help but amazed and adoring each of them! Coach has been well known for not just for the brand itself, but also for the quality! Looking at the colorful and chic theme for Holiday 2012 certainly give me a cheerful feeling for especially when we're approaching the end of this year! <3
Legacy Penny Shoulder Purse
Now tell me if you wish to own all of them too! Perhaps, at least one of these sweethearts! Which item you wish to own in this Holiday 2012 Collection? My heart was taken away by the Legacy Penny Shoulder Purse just by the first glance. It comes with Fuchsia, Colorblock Plaid and Ultraviolet, oh-so-lovely! I fell in love with this Legacy Penny Shoulder Purse not just for the colors but also it design, it is compact and not too huge to match with almost any outfit of the day. I don't really like to bring any huge bag around and this Legacy Penny Shoulder Purse just perfect enough for me to bring around, as long as it can fit my phone and purse, which what I've been looking for since the day I lost one at the cinema last 2 weeks. :( 

I have been searching high and low, visited few shops hoping to get one that I love. Le boyfie of mine also started complain tired and saying he just do not understand what kind of "lil bag" that I actually searching for. :( So... I come out with this idea. Since my birthday and Christmas is just around the corner, I guess it won't be too much for me to buy myself a present, a present for both occasions!  *finger crossed*
And... I actually went Oh-eM-Gee the moment I get to know about lovely Aggie from doing a giveaway of Legacy Leather Soft Wallet with Coach! They are so lovely in colors, simple yet stylish enough to carry around, this is definitely another must have item for ladies! <3 

** Dear Genie, would you grant my wish so that I can own my very first Coach item now? Please please please tell Aggie and Coach that I really need an extra special gift for my birthday!