When the East meets West @ Swez Brasserie, Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya

How it would be when the East meets West? I was wondering the same question until I myself tried it out myself at Swez Brasserie, Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya. Little did I know that it was the double combination of Steamboat and BBQ! 

Swez Brasserie @ Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya
To me, the ambiance of the dining place always one of the main factors for me to love the place, cozy and warm environment it is. It crucial for me to enjoy my foods comfortably. :p Anyway, let's see what they have offered for the East Meets West Buffet Dinner and what I had walloped on that night too!
Salad Counter
It's been a while since I actually enjoyed some good salads and glad that I get to have a feast on them! Swez Brasserie offered various salads that one can easily found one of the loves from them.  

Nachos with Pineapple/Tomato/Mango Salad
Dip the nacho!
Nachos with assorted delicious salsa sauces! I specially heart the combination of mango and fresh tomatoes salsa that I don't mind to have it alone without the nacho! :P Dip the crunchy crisp nacho into it and you're gonna love it!

Various seafood!
Huge portion of squid, fish fillets and prawns
Lobster balls
Assorted fishballs
Assorted fishballs
It was a crazy rainy day since the October and we knew it was definitely a perfect season to enjoy the hot pot steamboat galore with the bunch of friends and family! Yup, steamboat certainly a comfort during the cold rainy day and totally perfect for bonding session too! I love how we were spoilt with choices of ingredients for the steamboat at Swez Brasserie at Eastin Hotel PJ here. 

Vietnames soups
Herbal & Broth soups
Plateful of salmon, snapper, etc
Plateful of huge prawns, salmon, etc
Clams & Mussels!
Various fishballs, lobster balls, dried tofu skin
Assorted seafood ingredients can be easily found from the "Steamboat Items" counter - clams, bamboo clams, kapah, mussels, crab, prawns, lobster balls, snapper, salmon, squid and many more fresh seafood! Apart of that, there were also assorted dried noodles, assorted vegetables, assorted fishballs as well as assosrted yong tau foo for you to put into your soup and let it boiled together with other ingredients. For the soup, it's not the ordinary soup bases but you could have Vietnamese, herbal or broth to choose from. 

well marinated chicken meat
Marinated meat
Lamb meat
Assorted Satays and Vegetable Skewers
As mentioned earlier, the East Meets West buffet comes with combination of steamboat and BBQ affair. Again, it's not a typical BBQ session you could expect of as the various ingredients served allow you to have something different. You're gonna love it when you see how well marinated all of the ingredients! <3

BBQ-ed meats!
BBQ with peanut sauce
All you need to do is just head to the "BBQ Items" counter and grab your favorite BBQ choices such as sirloin, lamb, chicken, fish, assorted sausages (chicken cheese sausage, poultry jumbo sausage and chicken chorizo sausage), assorted satays and vegetable skewers are all available for options! What a wonderful galore aight?

Various sauces
Various sauces
Yup, you can't missed out the various sauces prepared for you to spice up the taste of each bites during your steamboat and barbeque affair! Sauces that you know you have to tried on - pineapple, mango or tomato salsa, (Western sauces) black pepper, dill cream, mushroom, onion, rosemary and simply delicate BBQ sauce or (Eastern sauces) ginger sauce, belacan, chili, Vietnamese peanut, sang har and seafood sauce! With all these, everything will turn out oh-so-delicious for sure!

Traditional kuih
Ice Kacang counter
Fresh fruits 
Ice Creams!
They said, a complete must ended with desserts! How could we missed it out? Yours truly just enjoyed stuffing herself with the assorted cakes, ice cream delight, ais kacang as well as the fresh fruits to complete the dinner for the night. It was really a wonderful time enjoying dinner that way, I know you gotta agree with me on this. :D

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