Of Coffee Enzyme & "Kopi Luwak" @ Lonbay, The Farm's Best Coffee, Paradigm Mall

Yours truly is never a fan of coffee, not even mocha. I can never understand how people can't live without their daily fix of cuppa coffee. I still remember how I actually tried coffee just to get me awake for the entire night to study for the final exam, it does helped me but that's it. Perhaps, it just me do not know how to appreciate the beautiful of bitterness of it. 

LonBay, The Farm's Best Coffee
LonBay, The Farm's Best Coffee @ Paradigm Mall
Where is it at Paradigm Mall? You just need to go all the way down to Tesco and it's just opposite of it. :D Not spacious but enough to cater up to 25-30 pax of crowds. 
Siphon brewing method
LonBay's coffees
Eric was pretty much excited before we heading to Lonbay, The Farm's Best Coffee at Paradigm Mall. He loves coffee very much so this is just his kinda thing. :D Just so you know that LonBay delivers unique coffee flavors by brewing its own exclusive brand of beans which are organically cultivated at farm in Johor. What we've been looking forward to try at LonBay was none other than its Malaysian made Kopi Luwak (Civet Coffee) and also the Coffee Enzyme!

Preparing for the Civet Coffee
Demo on brewing Kopi Luwak
Kopi Luwak (Civet Coffee)
It was Eric's first time to witness the demo on brewing the Kopi Luwak and tried on this world's most expensive coffee. That was my second time after the first experience at Penang last year. If you do no know yet, Kopi Luwak is a name for many specific cultivars and blends of arabica, robusta, liberica or other beans eaten by civets. As for this, the civets were wild and not reared. Hence, the worker actually having hard time collecting the digested coffee beans all over the farm. Interesting heh? Taste wise, moderate level of bitterness to me and quite smooth texture. I will always remember the art of drinking Kopi Luwak that I have learned from my previous trip at Penang, you have to drink at least 3 sips to enjoy the real greatness taste of Kopi Luwak. Try it and you'll know it!

LonBay Iced Drip
The LonBay Iced Drip served in two ways, warm or chilled. I was told that both taste are vary according to how it was served. I had the chilled one, too bitter for me to handle. Though I know this would be my dad's favorite for sure!

Coffee Enzyme
So, here's the interesting part of this coffee session! It was our first time get to know about Coffee Enzyme and it taste really sourish and surprisingly the smell wasn't that unpleasant at all. Lonbay Coffee Enzyme is extract from organic Liberica coffee bean. It helps the body to digest food and converting it into nutrients and assimilate nutrients from proteins, carbohydrates, fats and fibre. Top it all, Lonbay Coffee Enzyme supplementation in our diets as below:-
  • Improves overall digestion so we have more energy for life
  • Aids in disease prevention and boosts the immune system
  • Minimizes the negative effects of the cancer therapies
  • Reduces the effects of aging, wrinkles, sun spots, inflammation or soreness of muscles and joint pain
  • Prevention of heart disease and speed healing after surgery
  • Cleanses our system from allergic reactions
Honey Lemon with Coffee Enzyme
Of course, it would be too extreme to just drink the coffee enzyme that way. There's no worries on the smell or taste as you will be served with Honey Lemon with Coffee Enzyme. It was rather refreshing compare to the normal honey lemon drink and work well on enhancing our appetites too! 

Milk Tea HK Style
Kung Fu Tea Tarik
If you're not a fan of coffee, you can always opt for the various teas offered by Lonbay. We have ordered the Milk Tea HK Style and Kung Fu Tea Tarik to be shared among us while enjoy the rest of our meal at Lonbay. 

Taj Burger
Apart of the coffee thing, Lonbay served various snacks and mains for the guest too. All of us truly love the Taj Burger and I still remember how much I enjoyed the crisp from the inside while soft from the outside of the bun. The whole combination of crisp patty, fresh greens and dressing was just perfect and delicious! 

Hawaiian Toast

Maxicano Toast
Lartigo Toast

Club Sandwich
You can also go for their various toast ranging from Lartigo Toast, Fishimo Toast, Hawaiian Toast, Belgino Toast and Maxicano Toast. Soft loaf filled with different types of fillings that can cater to your taste bud, simply yummy! The Club Sandwich was in three different layers of fresh greens, ham and eggs to ensure you will get sufficient portion for your meal. 

All Time Favorite Peanut + Butter
All Time Favorite Kaya + Butter
The All Time Favorite section that allows you to enjoy ranging from french toast, thick toast, peanut + butter toast or Kaya + Butter toast. It was quite buttery to my liking but still loving the fluffy bread. 

Bolognese Seafood
Bolognese Chicken Mince
Green Sauce Spaghetti
For pasta lovers, you can also get your daily fix at Lonbay. You have 3 choices of pasta ranging from Bolognese Seafood, Bolognese Chicken Mince and also the Green Sauce Spaghetti. All were served in medium portion though I found the pasta were not al dente as the way I like. 

American Chocolate
Classic Cheese
Last but not least, we were served with American Chocolate and Classic Cheese! They were so delicious that I think they are just perfect sweet stuff to match with the bitterness of the coffees. <3 While I found the chocolate cake a lil bit dry and it would be great with the higher level of moisture in it. All of us loving the thick and rich taste of the classic cheese that really sinfully delicious. 

Ice Blended Mochaccino
Honey Peach Smoothies
There were also ice blended beverages available at Lonbay such as Ice Blended Mochaccino and Honey Peach Smoothies. I was really in love with the Honey Peach Smoothies for its sweet fruitilicious taste that really refreshing! Well, that's about it. I don't mind to come back again and I'll make sure I get my fix on the coffee enzyme! :p

Lonbay, The Farm's Best Coffee
Lot LG-13, LG Floor, Paradigm Mall,
Jln SS7/26A, Kelana Jaya, Petaling Jaya,
Kuala Lumpur, 47301 Malaysia
Tel : +6 03 - 7887 5258