New Menu at Sanook Bistro and Sports Bar, Plaza Kelana Jaya

Don't you always love to dine by the lake and enjoy the evening breeze while waiting for the delicious foods to be served for you and the loved ones? I always love it that way, especially with the great company. People said the company is what matter the most, why not make it a double combo of good company with good food? Don't believe me, give it a try at Sanook at Plaza Kelana Jaya if have not visited here before!

Margarita (RM11)
It was a usual working day and both boyfie and I were so happy to be invited to try on their new menu, again, after sampled their Christmas menu last year. It's hard to say no when the food you have tried before were amazingly delicious. We started off with a glass of refreshing Margarita to quench our thirst before gobble up all the yummy foods!
Gyro Lamb Pita (RM18)
The Gyro Lamb Pita, sliced boneless marinated lamb leg with veggies and black olives, stuffed in fresh homemade pita bread packets, with special yoghurt mint sauce were simply delicate to have as starter for dinner. I am never a fan of yoghurt but the combination of special yoghurt mint sauce does taste wonder! The lamb leg meat too, tender and perfectly marinated that allow us to taste every little bit of the taste. 

Spicy Mermaid Salad (RM22)
Next followed up by salad dish was the Spicy Mermaid Salad. The plateful of sauteed tiger prawns and calamari rings tossed with roasted capsicums, asparagus, cubed Japanese cucumbers and romaine lettuce in Sanook's special house dressing. Salad is always my major love and am so happy that this dish did not disappoint me at that night. 
Moogus Salad (RM22)
Yet another salad dish was served to us was the Moogus Salad. The mixture of grilled sirloin beef and asparagus tossed with wild rocket salad topped with parmesan cheese and roasted red capsicums in house special dressings. That was really my first time to have sliced beef meat in my salad and it was delicious!

Kim Yang Lamb Cutlets (RM52)
Kim Yang Lamb Cutlets (RM52)
Mind you, the name given for each dishes were all so unique! Here's the Kim Yang Lamb Cutlets, Kim's favorite lamb cutlets coated in Korean spices, charboiled to perfection and accompanied with Korean kimchi. It's simply tasty and you would be surprised how the weird combination of Korean spices on the tender lamb meat! The Korean kimchi enhanced the taste of the dish with it's sourish and spiciness.
Sotong Otak Otak (RM30)
Sotong Otak-Otak cut into pieces!
For someone who comes from the East Malaysia, it's not surprise that I dislike the otak-otak dish. However, this Sotong Otak-Otak dish impressed me a lot with the taste of it! The grilled whole squid (250gm) stuffed with prawn otak-otak (spicy prawn paste), served with sambal tumis, pilaf rice, garden greens, granished with prawn crackers, almond and fried shallots would certainly easily become one of your favorite foods! I do not know why but I do like the taste of the otak-otak, not sure if it's due to it was prawn and not fish paste. Though I can't take much for I could not handle the spiciness of it. 
Masala Rib Eye (RM42)
Our dinner menu followed by this Masala Rib Eye that came in such huge portion. It was the prime cuts of beef rib eye (250gm) coated with chef's special mix of garam masala, grilled to perfection and accompanied with vegetable kebabs. Dip it into the special sauce and you're going to love it very much!

Tom Yum Goong Pisek (RM29)
Generous amount of the ingredients inside the soup! :o
If you are looking for authentic tom yam soup, this is one of the best place to satisfy your craving! The Tom Yam Goong Pisek were so fragrant even it's from far and served piping hot with the generous amount of ingredients in it. It was ended up became the crowd's favorite for the night! 
Espresso Chicken (RM25)
We were then served with the Espresso Chicken and no, I have no idea why is it named that way. The tender chicken chop with espresso honey glazed and then roasted to perfection and served with pomelo salad, corn mojo, citrus bean salsa paired with tortilla chips. What an awesome fusion concept at here! You will not regret trying this for each bites gave you the yummylicious taste of the sauce that you're going to fall in love with..
Teriyaki Char Siew (RM22)
Yet another rice dish of the night was the Teriyaki Char Siew. It was the tenderly broiled chicken, brushed with special sweet soy sauce marinate, garnished with piquant plum sauce and green onions served with herbal pilaf rice. The chicken meat was really tender indeed and loving the sauce a lot. This can be a perfect dinner for sure!
Sesame Honey Lamb Pizza (RM35)
If you still do not know yet, Sanook is well known of their thin crust pizza! I am a big game of super thin crust pizza and was really a happy girl to see this served on the table. What's more special? It's not the usual ordinary pepperoni pizza that can be easily found at elsewhere! We get to try the Spicy Thai Mango Pizza and also the Sesame Honey Lamb Pizza at that night. I love the sweetness of the Mango but it seems that it tend to more spicy than sweet that stopped me from taking it for the second help. I enjoyed much on the Sesame Honey Lamb Pizza, loving the crispiness of the thin crust as well as the toppings on the pizza! Yum!

Marie’s Crepe Suzette (RM17)
Henry’s mud cake (RM11)
Lots foods aight? There's always space for desserts! :p Both Marie's Crepe Suzette and Henry's Mud Cake are really to die for! A person with sweet tooth like me just can't resist with the temptation of these! The Marie's Crepe Suzette, freshly pan fried french crepes flavored with creamy fresh orange juice and citrus zest. With the strong orange zest taste, it lingers in your mouth and you could feel the smooth french crepes slowly melting and it tasted so wonderful!! While on the other side, the Henry's Mud Cake was the crowd's favorite of the night. It was served warm, savory mississippi mud cake topped with ice cream on vanilla sauce. A bite of it, you know what heaven means. 

The Chef behind the creation of each dishes! :D
It was really a wonderful dining experience and we also get to continue chilling and tried the wines at there too! And now.. am missing those times of good company and good food! :D

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