Awesome Experience at Pinnacle of Hennessy Artistry @ MIECC

After attended my very first HA Party at SQCC and second installment at KWC, the finale of HA Party at MIECC would be something I'm quite looking forward to after the line of artists have been revealed. I've never thought that I actually enjoyed the most during this finale party compared to the previous two. 
Yours truly
Someone asked me why I'm wearing like "rhapsody" during the previous HA party at KWC, so this time I actually dolled up myself and dressed up in blue bustier top matched with black lace skirt. 
Nicole and Caroline
This time around, I tagged my dear colleague, Nicole to join the fun for the night. Yup, she is a huge of Havana Brown and I knew that's her main purpose to come along too. :p

Red and Black theme
The walkway
Scan the bar code apps!
After done with the registration, we were escorted to enter the lounge area while waiting for the time for the party to get officially started. With the red and black theme, you could also see the similar setting design as the previous two parties.

A picture with Hennessy V.S.O.P
Hennessy :D
Each and everyone of us enjoyed snapping photos with the photo op. I would described them in something simple yet cool enough to give the impact. The guest will not feel bored during the waiting moment, free flow Hennessy drinks provided with the music played by the DJs and also we get to enjoy with the Hennessy 360 cam just like how we enjoyed it during the previous two HA parties!

The Lounge
Hennessy 360 Cam
Hennessy Art of Mixing Zone
Since it was Nicole's virgin experience with Hennessy Artistry, I get her to try on the drinks and also get to enjoy the mixing juice with the Hennessy V.S.O.P at the Hennessy Art of Mixing Zone. Heck, just first glass, her face turned reddish like barbecued lobster! >.<

The awesome stage
Hennessy Artistry
Block B
Being a kpop lover myself, am pretty much looking forward for the appearance of rookie group Block B on that night! Too bad that they moved a lot and can't really take a very nice picture of them. :( Though I was so happy that they performed their latest song - Nillili Mambo - on that night! <3 

Alexandra Burke
Alexandra Burke
Alexandra Burke
Alexandra Burke performed next after Block B! She sang her list of songs and the most love to me still her hit song that featuring Flo Rida - Bad Boys!

Block B & Alexandra Burke
Block B & Alexandra Burke
Part that surprised us much! The collaboration between Alexandra Burke and Block B on the stage was really great! Well, at least to me? :p You know what I mean when you're a kpop fan yourself. ;)

Yet, another kpop group went on the stage to rock the night - EvoL- also rookie group made up of members namely Say, Jucy, Hayana, J-DA and Yull. They performed their brand new song "We Are A Bit Different" live on that night. You're surely get entertained by the hot ladies!

Havana Brown
Havana Brown
The night get more hyped with the presence of Havana Brown! She really had done a great job in entertaining all the audience not with her remix songs played but also how interactive she was on that night. All the mashup songs played were all awesome that kept me till the end. That also marked the first time I truly enjoy the party night with not just the company but also the performances! <3

Caroline & Eric
Charmaine, Caroline & Nicole
April & Charmaine
Caroline, Bok & Nicole
Caroline, Anna & Nicole
Isaac, Caroline & Nicole
Nicole, Caroline & YY
Anna, Eric & Tony
Nicole Chang, Choulyin, Caroline & Nicole
Benjamin, Hui Min, Jackie & Eric
It was such an awesome night get to party with the celebrities at the pinnacle of Hennessy Artistry! I am certainly looking forward for more upcoming awesome Hennessy Artistry parties! :D