Global Edition : We Got Married (First Episode)

I've been wondering how two people from different of countries to get together and get married, knowing that both people going to have the communication barriers in getting to know each other. If you know me, I am one of those Kpop fans out there that love to watch every single episodes of "We Got Married" where two person were set to be together and get married virtually.

Here's come the Global Edition of We Got Married where both from different countries! First couple - 2PM's Taecyeon from Korea to marry Wu Ying Jie (Gui Gui) from Taiwan; the second couple - FT Island's Lee Hongki from Korea to marry with Fujii Mina from Japan. Interesting heh?

The first episode has been aired yesterday and you can watch below video here! They looked so great together and I personally enjoyed watching the couple between Taecyeon and GuiGui! Adorable much!

What do you think of them being together? :p