Golden Orchid Oriental Thai Cuisine @ Damansara Jaya, PJ

During my trip to Krabi, I get to choose the level of spiciness of the tom yam soup that both boyfie and I have ordered and was told by the waitress that they know some of the foreigners could not handle the spiciness of the authentic tom yam soup that they offers. Here, the owners of the Golden Orchid Oriental Thai Cuisine have also taking it into their consideration to somehow turned it into Fusion Thai foods in order for us, local people to enjoy one of the best Thai Cuisines in town.

Golden Orchid Oriental Thai Cuisine
Golden Orchid
Golden Orchid Oriental Thai Cuisine, situated in the suburbs of Damansara Jaya was officially launched on the 28th April last month. Spanning over 3000 square feet with three private corners to accommodate dining groups, the restaurant can take up to 100 diners at time. You could easily spot the huge vase of the Golden Orchid that has been brought all the way from New Zealand and placed in the restaurant. Without further ado, shall we look into what are the must have dishes when you visit there! =D 

Tom Yam Seafood (RM25-Small / RM45-Big)
A bowl of fragrant and aromatic Tom Yam Seafood certainly a great pair with the hot steamed rice! I took a sip on it and surprised with how flavorful it can be and definitely opened up the appetite to eat MORE! The spicy and sour taste were perfectly combined in this dish. You could also find quite generous amount of seafood ingredients within the soup itself. 

Kembong Fish Platter (RM18)
The serving of Kembong Fish Platter includes of deep fried Kembong fish served together with various ulam. The art of enjoy this dish - dip it into the house special blend of Nam Prik sauce. The only secret of this dish got to be the sauce for sure, as it certainly spiced up the taste of everything in the plate. 
Golden Orchid BBQ Combo Platter (RM68)
Another platter dish served was the Golden Orchid BBQ Combo Platter. The huge serving inclusive of Thai-styled BBQ seafood (prawns and squids) and lamb, dip it into their homemade green chilli sauce and you know how delicious it turned to. 
Thai Style Omelette (RM15)
Thai Fish Cake (RM14 for 4pcs)
Both Thai Style Omelette and Thai Fish Cake may look simple but great in taste. You could enjoy the fluffy omelette with slight crisp and tasty and fine texture fish cake here! 
Buttermilk Prawn (RM38)
The Buttermilk Prawn that served on that night was fragrant and aromatic. The creamy texture with slight spiciness to match with the fresh and succulent prawns, oh so yummy indeed!

Golden Orchid Special Fried Chicken (RM18)
You may tell me that it's just fried chicken dish. However, you may change your mind after try this Golden Orchid Special Fried Chicken. The fried crispy chicken fillets served with homemade sweet chili sauce, it tasted slight different and special. Crispy on the outside and tender in the inside, that's how it was. 

Thai Style Steamed Fish (RM38-Small / RM58-Big)
Fried Fish with Keng Som (RM38-Small / RM58-Big)
Fish can be cooked and served in various way and you can find the variety at here too! The Thai Style Steamed Fish which is also most popular in Thailand was served with lime sauce and chili; the Fried Fish with Keng Som is yet another exotic dish from Hatyai definitely worth to try! I managed to try another fish dish at here, the Pattaya Fish (no picture) where the fish was deep fried and topped with generous amount of mango salad, that's really my favorite! The only thing that stop me from having more was the spiciness! 

Candied Tapioca (RM4.80)
Nothing is better than chilling with sweet dessert after the whole heavy hearty meal. It was my first time to try on the Candied Tapioca dessert, it was not too sweet and just nice to my liking. Not to mentioned about the softness of the tapioca itself. 

Red Ruby (RM4.80)
The Red Ruby or better known as "Tub Tim Krob", a must try/have dessert for me after mango sticky rice to complete my Thai meal. :p You could easily spot the ruby-red chestnut and jackfruit sliced on top of refreshing cold coconut milk shaved ice. 

Scented Flower Candle
We were given these scented flower candle to bring home that night, how sweet. It's really hard for me to enjoy delicious Thai meal back at KL and am glad I found yet another one good place! The next time we comeback will be with our friends and family! =D 

Golden Orchid Oriental Thai Cuisine
No.12-14G, Jalan SS22/25,
47400 Petaling Jaya.
Tel No: +6 03 - 7722 2228