SKINZ Girls Day Out with Nurul Wahab & Hannah Lo!

Two years ago, it was my first time introduced to SKINZ products and I was happy to join other beauty bloggers for the beauty workshop too! This time, I was invited to join the SKINZ Girls Day Out with the ambassador of SKINZ, Nurul Wahab and celebrity Hannah Lo! 

It was held at the same place, Garden Lifestyle Store & Cafe at Sunway Pyramid and I love how the entire venue was decorated in such fairy-tale white theme for the day. We were treated with some pampering session such as hand massage and skin analysis. I did the skin analysis and I was really happy to know that my skin condition has improved! It was healthier than before but I was told to make sure apply sufficient sunscreen before going out under the sun. :( Anyway, since I have quit my previous job, there will be no more walking under the hot sun for lunch.

I am a very ticklish person, hence the funny expression here. >.< 

After we girls done with the pamper treats, we were all seated and it's time to know about SKINZ new product launched and also getting to know more about our skin better. I have used the entire SKINZ UV White product range and I would say I love the moisturizer for it contains SPF that not only moisturize your skin but also protect from the UV. Just so you know that they have launched Perfect White BB Cream SPF30PA++ and also Miracle Blackhead Exfoliator.

Dr Anjali was there to explain more about our skin so that we are aware of how the sun damage our skin and how to prevent it. Not only that, we also get to know more of the two new products for SKINZ UV White range and also getting to know about SKINZ Infinite range that focus more on anti-aging. 

As you can see above, this is the full range of SKINZ UV White products. It includes of Purifying Facial Foam, Clarifying Toner, Intensive Whitening Serum, Eye Brightening Essence, Whitening Day Moisturizer/Intensive Night Moisturizer, Purifying Facial Scrub, Instant Radiance Rinse-off Face Mask and Protective Hand & Body Lotion. Perfect White BB Cream SPF30PA++ helps to brighten, protects and evens the skin tone that also gives instant radiance and blemish-free coverage. Miracle Blackhead Exfoliator helps to remove blackheads and unclog pores and enhance skin's natural luminosity. I will show you more on review posts of these two products!

Here you can see the full range of SKINZ Infinite products - Deep Moist Cleansing Foam, Hydraclean Cleansing Cream, HydraPlenish Glacier Toner, Youth Recall Serum, Eye Revive Therapy, Youth Recall Day Moisturizer SPF20PA++/Nightfix Replenishing Cream. This range focuses more on anti-aging. 

The ambassador of SKINZ, Nurul Wahab shared with us about her amazing experience using SKINZ Infinite products range that helped reducing fine lines and made her look young too! Not only that, she also shared with us her daily skincare regime. And oh! Now she's not only applying them on her face but body too! 

Celebrity Hannah Lo who has been using SKINZ UV White products range for quite sometimes also shared her experience using SKINZ products! Well, looking into her skin just enough to show us how effective it is. Her makeup look so natural and the secret would be the Perfect White BB Cream SPF30PA++! I started using it and I really love the mild scent and how it works on my face. Most importantly, it allows my skin to breathe all the time. 

Apart of that, all of us were entertained by Nurul! She performed few songs and ohmy, I was one of them who has been given mic to sing certain of the songs. I was so shy but feel so bad for rejecting and I hope my voice didn't ruin the lovely song! :p

Fish - Hannah Lo - Yours Truly
Nurul and Caroline
Group Photo Of The Day! <3
I enjoyed the girls day out session with all of them at there and we were given sets of SKINZ products to bring home too! So far, I'm so in love withthe two new products that works so well on my face. I guess am going to purchase once it finished! Do check out SKINZ Facebook page and also website at for more informations! <3