Launch of Hakubi White C Series by Sato and DKSH Malaysia

Rejoice girls and ladies! If you have been waiting the Hakubi White C Series for long, the waiting is over as it is now available in Malaysia! You can visit Sasa and grab yours today!

Launching of Hakubi White C Series
at Chinoz
Hakubi White C Plus & Gel
Yours truly was invited to attend the launching of Hakubi White C Series by Sato and DKSH Malaysia last week and it was quite fun and happy to know that it finally available in Malaysia! It was started with the welcome speech by the emcee and followed by speeches by Dr. Marc Franck, Mr Yusuke Marutsuka and Corina Loi.

DKSH Vice President - Dr. Marc Franck
Sato Pharmaceutical (S) Ptd Ltd, General Manager - Mr. Yusuke Marutsuka
Sasa's Senior VP & Country Head - Corina Loi
According to Dr Marc Franck, the Hakubi White C Series has two-pronged approach, both healthy and beneficial, so that beauty within and without can be achieved. There are two types - Hakubi White C Plus to be taken orally and Hakubi C Gel to be applied on skin. 
Hakubi White C Plus (RM115.90)
The Hakubi White C Plus, with its formulation, helps to promote good health for skin. It repairs skin that is marked by pigmentation, freckles and dry skin that caused by stress and an unhealthy lifestyle. It offers a health supplement for it contains Vitamin C (antioxidant, promotes healing), L-Cysteine (promotes skin metablism), Vitamin B6 (activates the metabolism of the skin and helps regenerate the skin) and Calcium Panthothenate (helps in carbohydrate and fat metabolism and has detoxifying effect). It priced at RM115.90.

Hakubi C Gel (RM91.90)
On the other hand, the Hakubi C Gel is a clear gel with Vitamin C derivatives and Licorice extract which helps repair from the outside. It permeates the skin to clear blemishes and freckles, suppresses the production of melanin and protects against blemishes and freckles. It also tightens, purifies and conditions skin by activating collagen synthesis. The Licorice Extract in the gel acts as anti-inflammatory agent to soothe irritation. It priced at RM91.90.

Officially launched @ Sasa outlet

The launching took place at Sasa outlet in Bangsar Shopping Centre and Amber Chia, top model and beauty entrepreneur tried and using the products proved it works really well. Both Hakubi White C Plus and Hakubi White C Gel are developed by Sato Pharmaceutical in Japan and distributed by DKSH Malaysia Sdn Bhd. They are now available exclusively at 35 Sasa outlets throughout Malaysia.

Wish for white and bright skin, inside out? Hakubi White C Series is the answer! All you need to do just visit the nearest Sasa outlet around you and grab them! 

Nicole & Caroline
We were given each Hakubi White C Gel and totally can't wait to try it on and waiting for the result. I shall update all of you soon on it! ;)